A Comfy Way to Learn

A Comfy Way to Learn

McKenzie Carey, Writer


Activity is an essential part of everyday life. You walk to class, run to your car, and go to the cafeteria everyday, but you also move around while you are sitting. That is why the hard, school chars can be difficult. Wiggling around in your chair, trying to get comfortable is often a main focus in classrooms. Since sensory systems are still developing in children, movement is imperative for development. Therefore, companies have developed yoga ball chairs that are said to have many benefits to the classroom setting.


In an article on Gaiam, a yoga website that also sells these chairs, it was stated that, “Ball chairs channel their physical energy in a positive way, allowing them to focus on their work more completely and reach their full potential as learners”. Common facts about yoga ball chairs are that they encourage better posture, improve focus, and increase balance and coordination skills. These chairs help with blood flow to the brain. The increased blood flow to the brain allows for cell growth, and the good circulation helps improve brain function which helps keep students mind focused.  Delaney Carey an IHS senior, said “I would be able to keep better posture throughout the day with yoga ball chairs and that would really help make me feel more productive in some of my classes.” Most students want to do better in their classes and receive better grades; therefore, yoga ball chairs would be beneficial. Delaney also stated, “Watching other people fidget is extremely annoying and makes it harder for me to focus while I’m in class.”


These chairs will not only benefit students who have difficulty focusing but it will also assist students with ADHD. “According to the Centers for Disease Control, 6.4 million children between 4-17 years of age have an attention disorder that can make it hard to focus.” Students with ADHD have benefits from these chairs. People with ADHD need more stimulus in their everyday life to stay focused throughout the day. These fun chairs stimulate their core muscles and help engage their brains. This extra aid makes classroom life easier for these students. Students with ADHD often fidget throughout a class regardless of the type of chair but with the yoga ball chairs fidgeting is how the students stay balanced. Their fidgeting is being turned into a positive element in the classroom.


At IHS there are chairs that some refer to as the “spinny” chairs. Students who have Mrs. Werner, a math teacher,  get use of these chairs during their class period. These chairs are said to be more comfortable to sit in throughout class and during tests. Mrs. Werner says, “These chairs are a more comfortable way to learn.” Times are changing and meeting students needs is now a priority for most schools. Some might worry about the chairs becoming a distraction to students in the classroom, but Mrs. Werner says,“Some students fidget constantly, but for most of my classes people stay focused on the material rather than the chairs.” These “spinny” chairs are a different version of the yoga ball chairs, but still aim for the same effect on students. The “spinny” chairs still work to improve posture, comfort, and focus. However; they do not aid in fidgeting like the yoga ball chairs do. In high school students have matured enough to focus on their classwork rather than the fun chairs that could be at their disposal. 


These chairs have been well tested and it has been seen in many classrooms around the country that they help children focus, stimulate their brains, and give students with ADHD a good learning tool. These chairs on the Gaiam website cost anywhere between fifty nine and seventy nine dollars on average. When you are taking a class like calculus the material is a students main focus but it is nice to have an aid to make that class easier. With these chairs at IHS, students would feel more productive and would have a more successful learning experience.