Aquaman Review

Just when it seemed the DC Cinematic Universe was destined to flounder in the shadow of Marvel Studios, their latest movie, Aquaman, emerges out of the depths with fresh comedy, non-stop action, and breathtaking visuals to boot. Where it falls short in dialogue and originality, it more than makes up for in thrilling chase sequences, incredible underwater fight scenes, and cinematography.

To begin, it is worth noting that a solo Aquaman movie had previously been deemed unfilmable. In fact, many top directors turned down the project because they were concerned with the technical issues of filming a movie mainly set underwater. Director James Wan, however, was more than up to the challenge, and utilized his $160 million dollar budget to its full potential. Some may criticize the films over reliance on CGI, but although it was everywhere, it is some of the best CGI work ever put into theaters, and does the job of transporting you to another world without being too overwhelming or distracting.

At the center of all the crazy visuals and elaborate sets is Jason Momoa, who truly puts the “man” into Aquaman. With his impressive physique and wild hair he can easily be bought as a macho action hero, and yet it is his natural humor and relatable characteristics that allow the audience to connect with him. Whether he is throwing back beers with his dad, flirting with Meera, or even doubting whether he can live up to everybody’s expectations, he is a hero we can empathize with and care for as the film progresses.

The film moves along at a breakneck pace with very few rests in the action, and while this helps engage the audience, it also takes time away from character development and interaction. Additionally the movie is hurt by cringe-inducing dialogue at times, and the plot is predictable if you have seen comic book movies before. There are also times where you feel the film is torn between multiple identities, but before you start to worry too much you are transported away on another adventure.

The bottom line is that Aquaman is worth seeing. By DC’s standards, it was a major victory, and is on par with Wonder Woman to be the best movie in the franchise. Aquaman will be the blueprint for DC’s continued success, and once the studio collects more feedback about what the audience enjoyed, they can continue to hone in on one specific style. It was not a life-altering masterpiece, but rather exactly what you would want from a trip to the water: fun, action packed, and leaves you wanting more.