The Man, the Myth, the Legend

20 seconds are left in the game and Ipswich is leading 8 to 7. Grafton has the ball and is coming up the field with speed. The clock is ticking down, getting closer to an Ipswich victory. A final pass is made in an attempt to tie the game, but it is dropped as the clock strikes zero. Ipswich wins the State Championship. The fans rush the Nickerson Field at Boston University. As the players and fans go crazy, one individual begins to act very differently. This individual cracked a smile never seen before. He grabbed the trophy and began to slowly stroll to the stands showing off his new baby to all of the students and people in town. This man was Glenn Foster.

Glenn Foster is a man loved by many at Ipswich High School. Besides being a coach of both the lacrosse team and football team, he is also the Middle School gym teacher. Whether or not you played these sports, you still were able to find a spot in your heart for him. Alyssa Terry, a student here at IHS, enthusiastically states “He’s my best friend.” When asked about her most fond memory of Foster, she responded with, “When he brought me cake for my birthday.” This action shows the type of man Glenn Foster is. Loved by his students, players, and peers, Foster is an Ipswich legend and will forever be remembered as such. When asked if she would consider him a role model she responded with, “Yeah, because he knows how to tolerate kids and keep them in control. He understands kids behavior if they are going through something.” Glenn Foster has been involved in the school for a long time and has proven to have such a positive impact. When Alyssa was asked why she thought he was involved in the school for so long she stated, “Because he loves this school so much and understands what he is doing.” Glenn Foster has put such a friendly face in this school for students to have someone to be able to be close too.

Glenn Foster is a simple man who enjoys many things in life. He has seen and accomplished so much in his lifetime. When asked who inspired him, he replied “My inspiration is a number of people. The guys who coached me when I was in high school: Elliot Roundy, Jack Welch, Dave Whipple. They all made me love sports, made it fun and competitive.” He holds these men highly and they contributed to the man he is today. His most memorable moment as a coach “was when the 2017 lacrosse team wins. Specifically the end of the 2017 game with everyone running to us on the field. You never will forget moments like that.” Foster’s favorite part about being a coach is the kids in Ipswich. Foster states” I think they are unique. Blue collar kids. Good kids who want to play and be successful. That’s why I stay in one place for so long.” Besides being a legendary coach, he also impacts kid’s lives as a gym teacher. He does not have “a most memorable moment” for “Teaching is always about the kids. So many great kids have come through Ipswich” which has kept him here for over 30 years. He adds, “My favorite part of being a teacher is having the kids do something that they don’t get to do during the rest of their day, to just relax and play games.”

In conclusion, Glenn Foster has had quite the career at Ipswich High School as a student athlete, teacher, and mentor. He will always be remembered for the lessons he has taught kids on the field and in the gym. Most importantly, Foster will be remembered for his charisma and his array of interesting stories from “back in the day.”