What is Clamtown All About?


Aaron Ross, Administer of Acknowledgement

At the end of last year, announcements had been made about a media production course that would begin the following school year. Mrs. Chang, the administrator had provided information about her goals for the class. The next year came, and so did an official name, Clamtown Tv. Clamtown Tv is the schools newest source of media for students to learn what’s going on in Ipswich High. The crew is equipped with a set of Sony HXR-NX100 video cameras, a green screen, some tripods, and an editing station. Clamtown produces monthly news segments about events and issues happening both locally, and within the school itself. They’ve been known to interview staff members as well. Clamtown is a great way to get the 411 on 01938.

To find out about Clamtown from the crews perspective, I interviewed some of the members  and asked how they felt about what Clamtown was accomplishing. Jeremy Powers claimed that Clamtown’s main goal is “to raise awareness about events happening in Ipswich and in school.” He added, “Clamtown has been very successful in spreading awareness of school programs.” Clamtown’s monthly releases can be found on their Youtube channel, or on local access cable channels. They release one, roughly 20 minute long, segment every month recapping on what has happened or what will be happening around town.

If you ever happen to find yourself at a band concert, musical, choir tour, or art show, be on the lookout for one of the crew members with a camera, they’re sure to be there. Clamtown doesn’t just cover local happenings and after school clubs, they are responsible for making sure that every school event is covered and they can even be found in the front row of the audience or in the pit.

If you are interested in joining Clamtown’s ranks, here is what you need to know. The first Wednesday of every month, Clamtown hosts after school meetings in the library where they teach some basic skills and you can meet the crew. Mrs. Chang, who administers Clamtown, is sure to help you follow the steps to becoming a full time member. If you are interested in joining, head on down to guidance and request to put the Media Production class in your schedule. If you enjoy producing public service announcements about what’s happening in school, then Clamtown is for you and you should join the Media Production class. Jeremy said he joined because he “was looking for a creative outlet through the medium of video.”
If Clamtown Tv sounds good to you, then you should take a trip down to guidance, or talk to Mrs. Chang, and take the steps to become a member of the team.