The Proper Age

The Proper Age

Christmas is filled with joy and family, and Santa Claus symbolizes the spirit of giving, but this bids the question: When is the proper time for a child to learn the truth about Santa? This question was surveyed to multiple IHS faculty members, as well as 30 students at Ipswich High School, to conclude when exactly is the proper time for a kid to find out about Santa.

With a survey of 30 students at IHS, exactly 83% answered 4th, 5th, and 6th grade as the proper time for a kid to find out about Santa. When it came to the faculty, the answer they gave was a little more thoughtful, especially from Ms. Albanian one of the school psychiatrist. She said “Not sure there’s a proper age, but most kids find out probably between 3rd-5th grade. Sometimes kids can feel isolated if they find out later than that, and it can be really hard for them if they find out earlier than that cause everyone else still believes.”

After hearing the possible negative effect on a child from what age they found the truth about Santa, we went on to interview other parent-faculty members. Mr. Downing has a very young boy named Charlie, when asked the question, he said “Before middle school, you don’t want your kid heading into middle school still believing in Santa Claus.”

Next we followed it up with Mr. Sidmore, father of two.  He said “ Never tell your kids; just let them find out by themselves, but they should find out by middle school at least.” Other faculty agreed with middle school, but Mr. Mabbott, who was born in Scotland, had a different answer “I found out about Santa when I was about 6 years old. I like the concept of Santa, but I don’t like lying about Santa. I think right around 5-7 years old is a good age, but it’s so sad to burst their little bubbles.”

This seems pretty young for most of the people surveyed, but the most interesting response came from none other than Mr. Carovillano. He said “ I think it’s important to tell you guys I saw Santa Claus yesterday with my son, totally serious. I was outside the North Shore Mall, and he was driving a taxi cab; I looked at my son, and we turned around and the taxi had disappeared. So there is no appropriate time to tell your kid Santa isn’t real, because he is real.”

The last interview was with Mr. Mitchell, he said “ My mom told me if I stopped believing in Santa Claus, I would stop getting presents from him, so there’s always a little piece in me that still believes… Before middle school they should know, because then if the kid still believes they will be subject to ridicule from their peers.” T

he interviews showed the different mindsets of people when it came to their answer. Some took the social effect into consideration; others took into account maybe why you should believe in Santa, simply because you get presents from him.

In conclusion, the proper time for a child to find out about Santa is sometime before middle school, and they should find out by themselves, parents should never tell them the truth. Christmas will always be special, whether you are Mr. Carovillano and still believe, or don’t believe, Christmas is about spending time with people you care about.