Say It To My Face


Kayley Baker & Genesis Lara

Look into the mirror. Do you like what you see? Most people in today’s society would answer no. Why is this? As humans in 2018, our brains are constantly filled with words, pictures, and videos from feed we scroll through at approximately 300 feet per day ( Within our daily social media intake, we are bound to come across beautiful models that potentially decrease their followers’ confidence. Humans are exposed to a plethora of different body types every day. We have learned that all bodies are beautiful; So, why are people unhappy when they look in the mirror?

In past centuries, visions of the ideal body have changed drastically. In today’s society, people are fed up with the idea of having a perfect body. Some companies such as “Dove” and “Milk Makeup”, have even started advertising using a variety of unique models with different shapes and sizes. These companies have stocked their shelves with items for all different types of people. This has proved to be an innovative and promising way to attract buyers. For once, people have started to feel comfortable in their own skin. Although we have progressed tremendously in this area, some people might still believe that the ideal body exists.

By creating a short survey and sending it to every student at Ipswich High School, we were able to determine what students think is the “ideal body”. We gave the students a list of ideal heights and body types for men and women and asked them to answer honestly. We left an “other” option under each question so that students could voice their opinions accurately. To begin, about 85% of students we surveyed are active on social media. The following percentages are the majority of what students chose. Exactly 41% of students said that the ideal height for men is between 6’ and 6’2”. Additionally, 54% of students said that the ideal body type for men is to be “toned”. We also surveyed students about what they believe the ideal woman’s body is. In fact 50% of students answered that the ideal height for women is between 5’5” and 5’7”.  Additionally, 41% of students believe that “slim thick” is an ideal body type for woman. While most students indicated that there is no ideal body type, a few people seem to agree on a few desirable traits.

Our results have lined up with a major shift in what the ideal body looks like today. In 2018, so many people have different thoughts of what the ideal body should be like and that it is nearly impossible to choose just one. This has proved great progression in societies movement towards acceptance.

Despite our progression in the body positivity movement, people still do not feel confident; unsurprisingly, social media plays a huge role in this. When people get likes on instagram, it releases the “happy” chemical, dopamine, into their brain. Through apps such as Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook, people have become obsessed with the amount of likes on their photo. When users see a person getting thousands of likes a photo, they might believe that person is flawless based on the validation they receive through likes. School therapist, Beth Downing says “We are so image oriented nowadays. It is important to have inner confidence and surround yourself with positive people.” She described that “People should judge others based on character and not appearance.” We have determined that confidence has more to do with validation, than the body itself. Instead of showing your validation for somebody by liking their photo on social media, take your head out of your phone and say it to their FACE!