A Night To Remember


Lauren Kennedy, Journalist

Prom, a word that means something different to everyone. Mainly it’s seen as just another dance to some students and is highly overrated, but on the other hand, it’s a night they have been waiting for all of high school. No matter how one feels, the night will still be a great time. Hair up, makeup done, dresses on. Everyone ready to walk out the door. We have waited for this day ever since we were a freshman. The girls spent months picking out their perfect dresses, finding the right pair of heels and booking their hair and makeup appointments. The boys, who have been practicing their moves on the dance floor,  got fresh cuts, fancy tuxedos and asked the girl they’ve had their eye on, or did they? Asking a date to prom is the most stressful thing. What if you have no one to go with? Then what? How do you ask someone to prom? Who do you go with?

The three most popular kind of dates are a boyfriend and girlfriend, a friend, or multiple friends. None of these are the “wrong” kind of date, but they all have many different aspects. With this in mind, the real question is how to ask your “date”.  The majority of the time, whoever does the asking, is usually nervous. What if they say no, what if they get laughed at, then what? Well, no matter how you ask or who you go with, it will work out; the other person is probably just as nervous about getting a date as well. Whether it’s a promposal on a poster, a message through text, a mutual face-to-face interaction, a huge romantic gesture, or nothing at all, prom is still going to be a night to remember.

Justin and Cassidy are a couple that have been dating for almost four years now, and they always thought they would end up going to prom together. He asked her when on a date at a fancy restaurant in Boston by writing “Prom?” on the cake, a picture perfect moment right. Both of their parents met up before for pictures, and they both spent a lot of money on the night they have been waiting for and afterward, they hung out by themselves and enjoyed the magic of the starry night.

Sydney and Brian have been family friends since birth. She asked him over text to go as friends to her prom to have a date who she was close with. They both bought their own tickets and met up at prom for pictures. They danced with each other throughout the night but separated and both did different things afterward.

Jacob and Katherine have been close ever since they were little and were pretty much best friends. He prom posed as friends to her to go as friends and he bought her ticket. They met up with friends before to take pictures and after prom, the both went to a party with their friends and went out to breakfast the next morning.

Kayley and Sammi are both girls who didn’t have people they wanted to bring as a “date” and or didn’t have someone they wanted to go with. So, it was a mutual decision to walk down as best friends and have a great time with themselves. Afterward, they went out to dinner at a fast food place all dressed up, watched movies and stayed up all night long.

Phillip Whitfield decided to go prom by himself, but once at the walkway, two beautiful girls enthusiastically decided to walk down with him. People who don’t want to walk down end up actually walking down with someone in the end because everyone always wants others to be included. Both girls and guys are always willing to walk down and escort a friend. But if they don’t want to walk down, you can just stay inside and have your name not be called at promenade introductions which more people are starting to do.

At the end of the night, it’s about having fun and enjoying yourself. Boyfriend, girlfriend, just friends or solo, prom is a night you should step out of your comfort zone on the dance floor, take so many pictures you reach the point where your teeth hurt, and have a great night with your friends and classmates. There is only one night like this; make it worthwhile.