How to make the most of high school

As the school year comes to an end, we asked many students what their advice would be to underclassmen and incoming freshman. We believe that after four years of high school, seniors have a pretty good understanding of how to make their time at Ipswich High School the best. At Ipswich High School we have an incredibly friendly and accepting environment. Many incoming first-year students go into high school thinking high school will be scary for them, but we want them to relax and know that high school can be fun if you make it.

Many of the people we interviewed expressed that you shouldn’t be afraid to make new friends. The friends that you make and already have will stay with you throughout high school and having friends there with you will make your experience at Ipswich High School much better. As seniors, we can all say that we became friends with people we never expected, and we will forever be grateful for it. Being friends with upperclassmen will broaden your horizons and help you be involved.

Getting yourself involved in extracurricular activities helps you to be involved in the school as well as the community. Many people agree that doing band and sports “is a great feeling being a part of something bigger than yourself.” Some people that we asked said that you might be afraid to join a sport, club or play an instrument but you should keep an open mind because being involved will have a positive impact on your time at IHS. In high school, it is essential to do what makes you happy, “I switched sports, and that made me a lot happier, and now I’ll be competing in college,” said senior student Allie Sanidas.

Having a good relationship with your teachers will help you to feel more comfortable in classes and not afraid to get the help you need. Connor Perley said, “Get on teachers good side so that you can get along with them for the rest of your time here.”

On the topic of school work and homework, many of the students we interviewed said always to work hard and study. You may not think that freshman year is, but the majority of the people we talked to said it is probably the most crucial year. Freshman year sets your standards and is the start of your GPA. Many students agree that if “you work hard then you will be able to find out what you are good at and what you enjoy. Then at the end of high school find a path that lets you combine the two of them.” Working hard all four years will help you to be successful throughout them and in your future.

The most popular response that upperclassmen gave us was to have fun. Before you know it, you will be a week away from graduation an preparing to say your goodbyes to friends and teachers. Enjoy all the little moments of high school and make the best out of the dull ones.