Worth it?


There are many different styles of cuisine in Ipswich. The food ranges from Mexican food, Thai, sushi, breakfast, and even gourmet pasta. No matter what you craving, you are sure to find something good to eat. Along with the many styles of food in Ipswich, there is also a price range. This article is going to judge three restaurants in Ipswich with three different price ranges., and at the end we will decide if they were worth the price.

The first restaurant we evaluated is The Pub. It is a staple restaurant in Ipswich, as it is located in the downtown area and always packed with people. This is going to be our low price restaurant that we dine at. The Pub serves popular American food, including chicken fingers and a juicy burger. Former worker, Hannah Weagle, describes the pub of having “a great vibe, making it a fun working environment”. The meals at The Pub range in price from $9-$15. When we first entered The Pub, there were a lot of people, but the server got us to our table fairly quickly. We got chicken fingers, fries, a burger and two drinks. The total came to 28.25. The food was definitely worth the cheap price of around $10 each (not counting the drinks). The Pub offers great food at a low price, and fast service, putting this restaurant high on our list.

The second restaurant we ate at is the Ipswich Ale Brewery. This is our medium price range restaurant, as the prices ranges from $15-$22. When we went to the Brewery we decided to get the pesto pasta. The pasta came out to be around $20 when adding chicken on top. One thing that stuck out to us was that the service took very long and the room we were in was very crowded. Furthermore, the room projected an echo of everyone’s voice, making it very loud an unpleasant environment to be waiting in for so long. It took about 2 hours to sit down and get our food after we arrived. 

The last restaurant we visited was the 1640 Hart House. The owner would explain the restaurant by calling it “Fine country dining”. It is the highest priced restaurant we visited, entrees range from $18-$35. In Ipswich the Hart House is the place to go on special occasions. When we went, there was a 30 minute wait but for a Saturday night that wait wasn’t too bad. Once we sat down we were greeted right away by a bus kid who brought us water and delicious bread. Within another 15 mins we had ordered our food. We ordered pumpkin sage ravioli and Hart House chicken. It took about 20 minutes for us to get our food. It was delicious. Overall, it was a good experience. 

Our worth it winner was The Pub, as a high school student, with not much spare change, The Pub fit our price range the best. In addition, The Pub offers a variety of food options to fit anyone’s craving. The food tasted good and the vibe was chill.