Benefits of Running the School One Day Fewer a Week!


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Michael Connolly, Writer

As many as 560 districts in over 25 states have changed their school weeks from 5 day weeks to 4 day weeks. What’s stopping us? I’m here to focus on the benefits of the 4 day week and what teachers and students thoughts are on it. It’s a new idea that has already spread and without a doubt is working because more and more schools seem to have adopted this new concept.

In Massachusetts I have not seen it implemented, but I believe it would help students and teachers both in academic and other aspects of their lives. Some districts in Colorado take Mondays off; others take Fridays off. Either way it could have benefits. For teachers who have families, it would make it easier for the teacher to get work done outside of school, while spending more time with their families.

A student may benefit with this by having more time to work a job outside of school or having more study time; it also allows a student to have more of a social life while spending more time with their families. I believe having fewer days in the school week could also be beneficial for students to become more independent and to do more work at home.

Many teachers and students have reported great things about the shortened week. A teacher’s salary could be cut a bit shorter based on the fact of working 4 days a week as opposed to 5, but money is saved from not having to run the school an extra day and not having to pay teachers for an extra day per week. Money that is saved from the school’s change from the 4 day week could go back into teacher compensation in my opinion because they have to fit 5 days of material into 4, but either way it’s a massive incentive for both students and teachers.

Here’s what a teacher from Ipswich High School, Mrs. Whitman, had to say: 

 What do you think about the 4-day school week idea? 

“It has its benefits,” she said. 

 Do you think the Ipswich school and staff could benefit from this? 

“More grading time and other time to make assignments and also more family time in the week would benefit everyone,” she responded.

 What would the school use the saved money for? 

“Fix technology and WiFi issues and increase the technology setup in each classroom,” Mrs. Whitman replied.

When asked her opinion, an IHS junior, Maddie Della Monica, responded:

What’s something the school could add with the saved funds? 

“They should use it for sports jerseys/sports fund, maybe a new softball field and other new fields for other sports.” Maddie Della Monica said. She is a current athlete at Ipswich High School, and she felt strongly about the funds heading toward the sport’s program. 

 Would you like having a 3 day weekend or would it be worse going back to school? 

“I would like the 3 day weekend and relax and enjoy my life, but it would be hard to get used to.” She responded. 

 What would you change about your weekends?

“Make more time for homework and family time, and not having to worry about school constantly,” She replied. She enjoyed the 3 day weekend idea, and believes schools assign a lot of homework when we already go for five days a week. As a student, she was all for this idea, and it seems to keep gaining popularity.

Personally I believe a four day school week would be for the better because if people are happier and less stressed and the school district is using less money then it’s win. Evidently it’s been working in other districts so why not try it at Ipswich High School. Districts save up to millions on busing, staffing and utilities, meaning more money for other things within the school, making it more interactive and enjoyable for students.