Climate Change and its effects on the Northeast


Michael Connolly

Climate change is a problem that definitely has been brought to our attention in recent years. Do people really pay attention to it though? The effects are rapidly increasing and we have seen changes within our weather right here in our own state. Due to the carbon emissions and other pollution to the environment, the earth’s average temperature is warming at a very rapid rate. Smaller snow storms are predicted to have a steady decline within the recent years. The storms are still predicted to happen but since the temperature is rising and getting hotter there will be a lot more rainfall and precipitation within the northeast region. Mrs Lafrance shared some insight on what she thinks of the issue; I asked “Do you think the issue goes unnoticed”?  She responded ““I think the attention is growing where as a few years ago you wouldn’t hear it in the news, but it’s heading in the right direction”. She went on to explain how years ago people kind of pushed the issue aside and didn’t realize the large impacts that it can truly have, especially in our own community. I personally believe this issue should be taken more seriously because we’ve already seen major impacts of the pollution and emissions on the environment.

When will we start to see drastic changes? I asked.  “We already have but it will continue” stated Mrs Lafrance. The issues are abundant and will be very problematic as time goes on. Due to warming temperatures and climate change from emissions there will be problems with weather, water supply, and could even cause health problems within societies. The issues within weather could include problems with flooding, especially for the less fortunate or homeless; weather extremes could be a large issue. 

Health problems will actually be a factor due to the greenhouse gases effect on the environment. Warmer temperatures are actually rising faster in the Northeast, than elsewhere in the continental U.S.. That can mean more deaths from extreme heat, plus more troubles with ticks, asthma and allergies. Which could be a big issue for people with seasonal allergies, and asthma that is reactive. For example, there are different types of asthma, or at least doctors will classify a reactive airway as asthma. If the temperature is different there could be problems for people that have allergies or reactive airways due to environmental/seasonal allergies. The rising temperatures are nothing to mess with and communities really need to do more to try and reduce the effects. It will have effects on the communities and people within them. People who are already vulnerable, including lower income and other marginalized communities, have less to prepare for and cope with extreme weather and climate related events and are expected to experience greater impacts. I asked Marlon, a junior at Ipswich High School, “Have you personally noticed a difference in the temperature or weather behavior?”

“Yes the temp has increased a lot in the winter months and unlike previous years” Marlon said. We could be seeing these effects within our own communities quicker than we expect. This is a problem that isn’t paid attention to enough. The sea level has risen within the Northeast and also research showed that the Northeast ocean temp has apparently risen at a rate of 3 times faster than average. 

Mrs. LaFrance addressed this by saying, “There are definitely reasons, because sea level rise is faster in the northeast as well so maybe that correlates.” This issue is something I believe needs to be brought to attention more in local communities; Ipswich as a community is actually quite good and pretty green community but I believe that cities surrounding need to hear this as well. There’s always room for improvement so why not improve the environment and try to diminish these effects within the northeast communities and all over the world. Climate change is a National widespread issue where everyone needs to work together to diminish and try to take away or lower the effects that are to come.