The Perks of Tiger Tots

Catherine Sanders

At Ipswich High School we have the privilege of having a daycare right in our building. This is not only helpful for teachers with kids but for students too. Daycares in general benefit kids when they are young. Having Tiger Tots at Ipswich High School/ Middle School opens up many doors.

Generally, daycares help develop life skills. Being in school at that age helps the children to learn structure and routine. They learn responsibilities like putting away their coats, putting on their shoes and other independent tasks. Early on in their life, they are taught the basics such as the ABCs, early reading, simple math and science and even general hygiene skills. Being around other children and teachers can pick up social skills while also being prepped for elementary school. Early childcare also gives the children advantages in preparing the student for future schooling. 

At Ipswich, Tiger Tots, a daycare that is in our school,  has more advantages than a regular daycare. It still has all the benefits of a normal daycare plus it helps teachers and students. Since it is right in the town where parents work, some in the same building, easy access to the daycare for teachers who work in the school. Kids are an enormous amount of work having a full-time job on top of that makes it even harder. Having Tiger Tots has opened doors for teachers to stay later to help students with work which in the end benefits both the teachers and students.

After interviewing Mr. Mabbot, a teacher at Ipswich High, I found out his thoughts on Tiger Tots. He felt that it is a huge benefit and very convenient for him since he works right in the school. He also said, “It allows me to have the flexibility to meet with students.” And when I asked about how it might affect his daughter he replied, “It exposes Emma to the school environment which one day she will look back and say, ‘I went to school here.’” 

I also wanted to have some student feedback about Tiger Tots, so I talked with Maddie, a current junior who has taken the class. She said that it helps students realize how tough it is to take care of kids, which can be beneficial in the long run. It made her gain a passion for working with kids and an interest in pediatrics since she already wants to pursue a career in the medical field. Another take away she had from the class was that it “gives students life skills for babysitting or having kids one day will help them remember from Tiger Tots.”

Overall Tiger Tots is most beneficial and helps not only the children it in, but their parents who are also teachers. On top of how it helps parents Tiger Tots also has all the advantages that normal daycares have for children. This creates a chain reaction ending at the students who are able to get help after school from their teachers. All this is possible because due to Ipswich High having a Daycare in the same building. 

Tiger Tots learning center