Communities are moving toward banning plastic and styrofoam


Michael Connolly

Environment is such an important factor to our lives and yet people still seem to neglect the fact that change is needed. 


In our community we have banned things like plastic and Styrofoam. This seems to be a trend amongst some communities.


It seems to be becoming more popular within the country and the candidates for the future Presidency seem to have adopted the idea of a more carbon neutral country as well.


Cities all around the country are following these bans for example: 

  • Takoma Park, MD
  • New York, NY
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Washington DC
  • Miami Beach, FL
  • Freeport, Maine
  • Portland, Maine
  • Nantucket (City & County), Massachusetts
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Portland, Oregon (and several other Oregon cities)
  • Los Angeles County and San Francisco, California (and many other cities and counties in CA)

The biggest problem of the plastic and styrofoams out there is the fact that they don’t go away; they just break down and disintegrate into smaller pieces making it harder to clean up or get rid of. Also it becomes more of an environmental hazard when it’s broken down to smaller pieces within the environment.


It cannot be recycled! Some companies may take packing peanuts but you’re lucky if so. Getting rid of styrofoam and plastic within communities is a big step that everyone needs to take.


Here’s what some had to say about questions that were asked about the environment. I asked “Have you witnessed or seen any communities nearby that have put a ban or made a step toward a cleaner environment?”  Maddie, a student at Ipswich high school, responded “Yes, I’ve seen it in our community as well as supermarkets and companies around us.” This is true because Ipswich has had a plastic ban and the town is working toward styrofoam bans as well. 


Also a teacher was asked a few questions, here’s what was said. I asked “When will we start to see drastic changes, if communities don’t start becoming more environmentally friendly?”

“We already have but it will continue,” said Mrs Lafrance.


This is what people need to start easing into becoming more environmentally friendly. Things such as reusable cups, for example how many cups of coffee do you throw out per month? Instead start using a reusable mug for each time you get it. Just by doing this in communities already takes a percentage of plastic and styrofoam out of the picture. 


Another way to become more environmentally friendly just by doing something simple is buying items that are recyclable and compostable. Every time you go shopping look to buy more recyclable packaging. 


A big thing that communities and community leaders need to do is to press this issue and show effects if we don’t. Having this plastic and polystyrene within the environment is bad enough not to mention the chemicals that are released with it. It’s something that needs change now. 


Even though communities across the country are doing it, that’s not enough; we need everyone doing that and buying more items that can be disposed of without leaving trash or harsh chemicals in the environment.


I’m proud to see my own community practicing this idea, but I’m not pleased with the amount of people not doing it within the state and that number is what needs to change.


Plastics and Styrofoam are big problems in the environment especially throughout this country. Fast food places, restaurants, and store have to do with the issue due to plastic or styrofoam containers, as well as to go cups and containers. 

This is a growing issue that needs attention.