Life after March 13th


IHS hallway during COVID-19

Seven months ago students and staff of Ipswich High School never would have imagined the 2020-2021 school year was going to look the way it does. From crowding hallways to keeping a six feet distance, many members of the school have had to adjust to the new learning style due to the CoronaVirus. 


We wanted to hear some input from the students at IHS on how things were going for them through these unique times. We asked senior Lydia Comprosky how she feels about her choice of hybrid. “Hybrid is okay! It’s weird being in school, but I am glad to be in school for my senior year. Some days I like remote more, and some days I like going into school. I feel like it’s a good change to be able to switch from remote to hybrid and vice versa.” 


We also asked senior Reilly Coughlin how she is taking on the new style of hybrid learning; she said she’s “been adapting pretty well to remote learning. It’s a lot more structured and hybrid; it’s okay, but it’s like starting new every Monday because there is so much of a gap between real school and online. I haven’t really gotten into a routine yet, and it’s hard to because of the time away from being physically in school.” 


Another senior we talked to is Ana DeSousa. We also wanted to know how her hybrid learning is going and “Personally, adapting to remote learning and hybrid has been somewhat difficult for me. I find it difficult to stay focused and motivated remotely, while being at school still feels like we’re so far away from each other while being in the same building. Although, it’s nice to see all of my teachers again after so long, so being able to talk to them in person makes it better.”

Gwen Tabor, a senior at IHS, has chosen the full remote learning model. We wanted to get to know how it’s going and how she feels about her decision. “So far I like it a lot. I chose not to go into school and do full remote because I just simply didn’t want to be in school. I know most students love going into school, and don’t get me wrong, I used to love going in too, but since the pandemic I just haven’t had the energy to go in and deal with people so I chose all remote. It’s been going pretty good so far and the teachers have been very supportive.”


Mr. Ames, a history teacher at IHS, shared with us how he feels about the hybrid and remote learning models and how it is different from a teacher’s perspective. “Pre-corona you guys were doing really well. I think compared to pre-corona and you guys being able to bounce ideas off your peers and your teachers, we are at a good place. I think this is better than last spring because a full time year is the better solution. As far as learning more, I think you learn more in school because you are surrounded by people.” We also asked if he thinks any good will come out of these certain circumstances and he thinks that “There’s both pros and cons. When you were here it was a little easier to do because of the technology part of it, but I think there are good things that are coming out of this. This learning curve for us is quick; it’s not gradual. It goes with the name of the game.” 


With all of these changes, IHS has had to adapt while continuing to strive towards greatness. Although having to deal with this new way of learning, we know we are not alone. It is hard on some days, but we persevere. This is a learning experience and we will continue to make the best out of the situation we are in. Our school is lucky enough to be able to go back to school, even if the days are split up. No matter what our community faces, we always seem to find a solution that encompasses all of the students and staff. The school’s main goal is to make sure its students are getting the most out of their education. The CoronaVirus has nothing against IHS!