How the NFL handled Covid-19

Cole Terry and Joe Parro

Covid-19 has taken over the world in early 2020 and so far all of 2021. With cases on the rise people were wondering how are sports going to be played. Hoping to release some of the stress covid 19 brought with at least some football to brighten everybody’s mood. As for the patriots having a double loss by covid ruining the world and also losing Tom Brady was just the cherry on top for the ultimate loss.  Some happy news came up before the season was fully a go with patriots acquiring free agent from Carolina Cam Newton to replace Brady’s spot.  The season was later announced it was a full send. 


With the upcoming season it was announced that the NFL was allowing players to opt out of the season. The reasoning behind this was ofcourse them trying to keep them and their families safe. Majority of the teams lost key players due to an opt out decision.  Patriots losing a couple of key players from the defense due to this. Another reason to this was not having to make the sacrifices that playing in this season would bring. For example not seeing families for days and or weeks missing major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Losing these holidays would devastate children by missing one of their family members.  


The players however with these restraints still had some freedom, but some took it way to far. For example Washington Football Team quarterback Dwayne Haskins took his freedom too far. He was caught at a local strip club, putting him and his team at risk. Head coach Ron Rivera took no time to think and jumped into action. Rivera cut Haskins almost immediately after finding out due to the risk he was putting his playoff contending team in. 


A typical day in the life of an NFL player was portrayed in a Youtube video mad by Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Chase Claypool. Claypool showed when entering a facility you take a daily rapid covid tes before entering. After the test you pretty much have a normal day by having a workout then their practice but keeping masks on and trying to keep safe. After the day they clock out and rinse and repeat the next following days till game day. Once gameday comes its the same exact thing just instead of workouts it’s on field practice before the game and replacing preactive is the game. 


The post season looked a little wonky, by having teams stay in their on divisions as much as possible. The playoff look would up the teams by 2 making it from 14 teams to 16. Doing this will make the season 2 less games so they could try and fly through the season. Divisional winners will now play the lower seed teams making traveling as minimum as possible. Doing this will make the higher seed team if they win keep having home field advantage to minimize travel.  The playoffs as of right now are going to keep going throughout the rest of the season and the super bowl will be played in Tampa bay. 


Lastly the season so far has been a success going through with only a couple cancellations and little covid positives. The playoffs look very good for the future. Also some teams started allowing fans to go in but at a little capacity. So for the NFl they did a good job and its only looking up from here.