Ipswich Covid Style Baseball

Jake Wilde, Journalist

     This year is going to be very different for all sports players. Everything is getting delayed to later dates such as football. Football begins when school starts and goes into early fall. Baseball is rumored to start late April and go till whenever. It’s crazy to think if this was a normal year, we would already be begging to practice. As a baseball player and the season just right around the corner I want to hear more information on how they plan to make sure we have a season and to figure out how long the season is going to be and how long do I have to be prepared. 

     As I have heard from more of the other players it’s rumored that our season will start on April 26th. This time last year we were beginning to start practices then everything started to shut down. It’s crazy to think that it’s almost been one year since everything shut down. I just can’t wait to start playing baseball with my teammates again. Even though we lose a decent amount of the times I do enjoy it. I have talked to a couple players on how they feel about this delay in season and everyone doesn’t seem impacted by it. They are just glad we have a season in general. 

     One of my teammates was willing to help me out and I got to ask him a few questions on what he thinks about this season. I asked him how he felt about our season being pushed to late April and he said “I wish we could be playing or starting to practice now but I’m glad we got a season.” I also asked him how he felt about his safety during practices and being in the dugout with someone else and he said practice will be normal as long as we follow the safety guidelines. 

     Now with the delay of the season that would make it so now our pre season is shorter. Usually we have a couple scrimmage games but we are limited this year so we have to get practicing. I asked my teammate how he felt about not having a longer pre season and he said he’ll be ready to go and it won’t affect me. We will just have to put in more work if we want to have a successful season. 

     I asked my coach the other day about his hopes for the season. “I hope we have a season and I hope we can make it a good one”. He’s hoping that seniors are being leaders off the field and letting kids know that since our season is short that we need to start throwing now and getting ready. He wants us to be prepared and ready for when we start. 

     When I was asking my coach how he felt about playing with masks ¨I don’t think weĺl need mask when out in the field.¨ I agree with him saying that but at the same time when someone is on baseball and the first baseman is literally right next to you, I think you´ll need a mask. If kids are in the outfield then I agree that we wouldn’t need a mask since we are all spread out.

     I am excited about this season just  so I can go out and play with my teammates and hopefully do really well and win some games. I am also just worried about covid coming back and ruining it but positive vibes only. Go Tigers