What Will the Class of 2021’s Senior Week Look Like?


Lydia Comprosky, Journalist

This last year has been a crazy one to say the least. Through and through, the seniors have made it. We are so close to finishing high school and no matter what we went through, we did it. Two more months and only 84 days until graduation. We are in the long stretch and hopefully the fun stretch. 

From this past year, life has thrown many curveballs at us. But now, it is our turn to make the best out of this year as we can. As most of the readers who are reading this know that Ipswich High does it’s annual “Senior Week” for our amazing and talented seniors. It’s a week where we honor and send off high school with a bang. Usually, we would do some certain events, but honestly this year is planned like any other year. Don’t worry, it is COVID-19 safe. 

In an interview with the Class of 2021’s Vice President Louisa Roesler, she said, “I think it will be really fun and being able to see people and do fun things altogether! We have the boat cruise, day at Kimball Farms, possible drive in movie, possible beach day, food trucks, prom and yearbook signing! With COVID it is easier to plan stuff even if it doesn’t work out! We want to have the best time under the circumstances. And hopefully it will work if cases go down and vaccinations go up.” The class officers are very positive and believe we will have the best senior week yet! To keep this momentum, the thing is to believe we will have it and stay positive about what could happen! 

When making this article I had to answer one of the main questions the class officers and I are always asked: What will happen for the end of the year? The biggest part of that question being about prom. In an interview with Mr. P (one of the Class of 2021’s advisors), I asked him about if we will have prom. He said, “YES. No matter what we will have prom.” As of now, the senior prom is scheduled for May 27th, 2021 and it will be a safe prom. We are still figuring out the details of how it will happen, but the officers are certain to have it happen. Social distancing, masks, etc. will help make prom the best it can be.

Another main point that is brought up by our fellow classmates is about graduation. Graduation will be held on June 14th, 2021 at Crane’s beach. “The plan as of now will look very similar to the Class of 2020 last year,” Mr. P says. Everyone last year loved the parade and how the Class of 2020’s graduation went! Also, it was really COVID-19 safe which made everyone happy. The parade gave a lot of joy to everyone in the whole school and town. We got to show off the intelligent Class of 2020, so now they want to do it for the Class of 2021!

Lastly, the biggest part of this article is a very important part. What can you do? As a senior, we ask for you to participate. Louisa Roesler says, “We have the same group of people participating in which is great but we want more people to come! Like in the drive-in movie we spent so much time and effort but we didn’t raise that much money. It was such a cool event, and we wish more people came. We only have one senior year and with the way it is going, it’s a bummer. We work really hard for all these, so participating is very important. Bring in those class dues!” Seniors, it is your time to make your last year at high school as best as possible. And there will be some fundraising events coming in like the Umbrella/Flower Fundraiser. In conclusion, participate and have the best and most memorable senior year ever.