Traveling: Is it Safe and Acceptable?

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Reilly Dillon

Throughout the past year now traveling around the world has been at an all time low. This is expected as the ongoing pandemic only got more intense from the early days of lockdown into just a few months ago, but as the vaccine is being produced and given out the end is in sight. However, it’s caused people to cancel countless trips and stay in one area with the same people constantly. Although not everyone follows these rules exactly I’d say the majority of the people I know have avoided traveling outside of our state, and if they’ve traveled out of the state it’s probably as a family trip to go skiing or up north to stay at a vacation house. Even doing this has its own obstacles because you have to stay a lot safer and get tests before going and returning. Most people have followed these protocols when they travel, 

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but the people who don’t are the reason we’re still in the same situation as we were last year at this time. Even though people are following rules it’s impossible for them to stay as safe as they would be when staying home. This raises many questions such as: Is it worth it to travel? Are the risks of seeing new people, going new places and taking public transportation too dangerous? And if it’s overall safe and acceptable for people to travel, and if so how should they do it?


In my opinion, traveling is acceptable but only if it’s done safely which is possible. When researching this topic I came across an article named “The only reason I’m still comfortable traveling during the pandemic” written by Zach Honig. He was someone who has taken many trips throughout the pandemic and remained safe and kept his love ones safe as well. He wrote that he traveled for “several months[…] during the pandemic for both work and leisure” showing it’s even possible to travel when it isn’t necessary, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Throughout his piece he argued that traveling is safe and acceptable only if the precautions taken are at minimum what is required

but he recommended significantly more. For example he said some precautions that he took were “isolating as best I can for two weeks before a flight — completely avoiding any potential for exposure […] and taking at least one test, even if it isn’t required. I also always wear an N95 mask when indoors outside my home.” He also mentioned that, “I will not fly to see family or come into any close contact with anyone outside my household without first isolating for two weeks” and he follows all normal protocols when at home to the best of his ability. The way Honig is able to stay true to the rules and keep himself safe along with others is what all travelers should be doing especially when going by plane, but that is extremely unrealistic. Before reading this I was against flying because I didn’t think it was possible to stay safe. However, Honig’s process of following protocols and even doing more convinced me that traveling even in a plane is acceptable and safe if it’s done correctly. Still, I wouldn’t even consider going on a plane because it’s not necessary for me and I can’t control whether or not the other passengers followed and follow protocol. Despite that, I would still travel, but I would do so in a car because I can control who I’m with and who I’m going to see a lot better than if I was flying. 

To find more about whether or not it was acceptable I interviewed my Dad who had to travel for work trips and do all the necessary out of the house work such as getting groceries. He was in agreement with me. He believed that in order to stay safe and for traveling to be acceptable one must, “follow protocols of the places you are traveling, test upon return, participate in outdoor activities only and social distance.” However, when it came to flying he said it was “too risky” for him and that “driving was far better”. This demonstrates that he would only travel to places within driving distance and only places necessary for work. The forms of traveling he would be okay with are going to a vacation home of a close friend or relative after proper quarantining and COVID tests, and staying in a hotel but only if necessary because of work. In the end I learned that my dad had similar feelings as me; if someone follows all the protocols that are necessary to the best of their ability any form of traveling is acceptable, but we both wouldn’t participate in flying. I also interviewed Nicole Wilson who once again shared the same thoughts as my father, Honig and I. It seems to be the popular opinion. She’s traveled to New Hampshire and Vermont over the pandemic and has done both safely and successfully. When I asked her about what she did she said, “We all got tested before and my mom got tested when we got back since she is a teacher.” Although Nicole has stayed in New England and only drove, her siblings have taken flights for vacations. According to Nicole, in their experiences they “felt safe” and they “took all necessary precautions”. This further supported Hunig’s assertion that traveling was safe if all rules were followed and further swayed me to agree.

After interviewing Nicole Wilson and my father and researching whether or not travel was safe and acceptable and reading Zach Honig’s article specifically. The one consistent fact was that everyone believed travel was okay even flying, but all protocols must be followed. Though some like my father and I wouldn’t even consider flying to begin with. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not safe or acceptable because I believe that it is. Overall, traveling can be safe no matter the way someone arrives at their destination, but they must follow all rules required.