Seeing is Believing


Throughout the days and ages of our time there have been moments in the last century of cinema where it has outdone itself with its own creations. As the times passed and change was booming in the world, so did us along with our tolerance for acceptable movie qualities. “Gone, but not forgotten”, is the era of heart throbbing, romantic, adventures. When we think of that era of movies, we think of “Titanic” and “Forrest Gump”, and incomes the new generation that has brought about a change in motion pictures with the ever more frequent half-baked, vulgar twaddle that we are to expect now, such as “Spring Breakers”, and “Grown Ups 2”; But don’t give up hope, there are still directors out there that are able to deliver a good film, which makes the money spent on gas, babysitters, and tickets, all worth it. There continues to be films that keep the level of captivation that make good entertainment.

One must think how these movies take a toll on the psyche of teenagers and adults. One such film in particular would be “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”. “Movies like these are enjoyed by so many people because it has “a strong and proud female role”, says Mrs. Davis. “Movies are designed when targeted to go into our deep psyche and allow some release of subconscious aggression or excitement”. Modern movies today that target more towards the teens and adults lack what most of their predecessors had: a moral message.

So many directors have their own stories to tell and they have so many ways to make it appear that it just won’t work with every single person. The new version of, ” The Great Gatsby,” was just an over exemplified mockery of the American dream compared to the book. The movie contained characters and a setting that just went over the top. Even with today’s modern technology and amazing visual capabilities that offer so many new experiences at the theater, you still cannot help but be deluded by the incessant acting. There are moments where you do have to admire and marvel at the skill and confidence that these professionals bring to the field. These people take on roles that the audience depend on to be perfect up until that last scene. Some examples of that in the modern day would be “X-Men”, “Man of Steel”, and “A Streetcar Named Desire”. Then, the directors add their own spin on the take and change one little detail about the character or the actor that’s going to play them, and then the whole thing is just going to be ruined.

Films have definitely taken that big leap forward though and they do their one job with justice, provide quality entertainment, with gross snacks. There is a balance. It’s up to you whether you want to see the movie with the main character who is the best agent in the entire field, happens to go rogue, takes the beautiful doctor hostage, she falls for him, they beat the enemy, then fly, sail, or drive away in the sunset with the camera backing away into blackness. Or you can go see the big comic book based feature with explosions, and rockets, and people who are green or have knives in their hands; it’s your choice.