Planning Through The Pandemic

Reily Daily, Journalist


As the school year comes to an end, the weather’s getting warmer, the sun’s getting brighter, and the questions are growing louder.“What’s happening with prom?” “Are we having a senior week?” “What is spirit week going to look like?” All of these questions have been unanswered all year, that is until now.

The biggest thing on most seniors minds right now is prom. Last year, their junior prom was canceled and it would be another devastating loss to go yet another year without a prom. Mr. Mitchell stated, “if schools decide to do them, (hold proms) that they would need to cap the number of participants at 150. This cap may prevent us from allowing dates at all, never mind kids from other schools”. What this means is that seniors cannot bring a date from another grade or towns, like most seniors do. This is causing an uproar of stress and anger throughout the school; the students are scattering for dates left and right. 

The Prom is going to be held at the Cranes Castle as it usually is; however it will be held outside, masked, and socially distanced. There will thankfully still be a promenade and students can choose whether to be announced with a friend, group of friends, a date, or alone. Although it will look very different from every other year, there is hope from the class advisors that everybody sees the privilege of even having a prom and is thankful that we are even having one. The senior class advisors announced, ”At the end of the day, we hope kids realize that it’s better to have a masked prom than no prom at all. Our  hope is that the grade really comes together during senior week and participates but also has fun with one another. It’s been something we’ve been lacking all year because of Covid and that’s what senior year is all about.” 

Another subject of questions being asked is Senior week. It’s a week where seniors are to have fun, relax, and make those last memories with the people they’ve grown up with their whole lives. This year’s senior week is one of the only normal things about the year. On May 28th will be the senior cookout. Then the yearbook signing on Friday May 28th. After that there is a break until Tuesday, June 1st where we will be heading as a grade to Kimball Farms, then Wednesday June 2nd will be the Spirit of Boston boat cruise, and on Thursday June 3rd will be the hypnotist and baccalaureate. Then senior week will close off with a beach day that is to be determined. There is an effort to get food trucks to be able to be near the beach to give students access. Although it seems that planning the senior week was easy, it was not. “It has been hard to be honest. There’s a lot that goes into it. We had to create a parent committee where we have meetings every week or so and be in constant contact with administration to see if the events we were planning would be allowed and also follow state guidelines,” said Senior Class President Gabrielle Ring.

One of the last things on people’s minds doesn’t just involve the seniors; it involves the whole school: Spirit week. This is the week where grades come together to decorate pods, compete in games, and have the most fun they have all year. Spirit week is usually half inside and half outside with a mix of different events. Due to the current circumstances, everything is going to be held outside at the turf field. “Spirit week is scheduled for May 17th- May 21st. It won’t include the whole school indoor events, but we will do as many of the usual activities as we can,” said Mr.Mitchell. Everybody knows and understands that it will be hard to stay distanced and follow covid rules and still be able to come together as a grade and compete, but it is without doubt that most will be respectful of guidelines and be grateful that there is even a modified spirit week taking place. 

Lastly, the seniors will say goodbye to Ipswich high school by the graduation.  The graduation that will take place this year will be the same as last year. A parade through town while all of the seniors wave out of their cars, with the final destination being the cranes beach parking lot. This is a modification that I don’t believe any seniors have a problem with. It is the same graduation as last year and almost everybody loved it. It is scheduled for June 14th with the rain date being the 15th. 

At the end of the day, the best is being done with what we have. Most events are still being paid for, so the seniors do not have to pay for their own week (besides prom tickets). The school staff and class advisors have worked hard and diligently to have the best senior week possible. Although it is very disheartening to hear that other grades and twins are not allowed at prom, when it is all said and done, we should be very thankful that we are even having prom in the first place, as most schools aren’t. It is very unfortunate that the senior class is now getting affected by COVID in two years of their highschool careers, but to be together for one last week as a grade before we all go our separate ways in life, is what we will remember the most.