Local Job Shortages

Efrem Johanson and Jake Reily

One problem that has taken over the job industry is the major job shortage across America. America has found themselves at a low unemployment rate where people don’t want to work for low wages that companies are offering; therefore teens find themselves at a low working percentage and business owners are forced to overwork their current employees. We looked for the inside information on how local businesses are doing with the shortages. One business that struggles with the employee shortage is Pomodori’s Pizza in Ipswich, Massachusetts. 

We talked to the employees and owners of Pomodori’s Pizza here in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Jacob Eliopoulos, who is the son of the owner of the restaurant, said he finds himself working 70-80 hours a week with 12 hour days that are extremely long and grueling. Jacob also finds himself doing tasks that he wouldn’t normally be doing such as working behind the cash register and even delivering food.

The Eliopoulos’ have found that the best way to get new employees is word of mouth where they have their current employees spread the word about the job openings. Although sometimes Jacob can tell the employees are extremely frustrated with the long and stressful days, he is hopeful that the shortage is close to an end.

When asked if he’d be considering raising the hourly wage to try to get new employees, Jacob said, “With rising minimum wage, we have found ourselves hiring employees, with prior restaurant experience, above minimum wage. I do not think, however, that we have considered increasing the hourly wage to entice new employees.”

Dexter Cayer, a current employee, says the only reason that he finds himself working these long days is because the job can be extremely lucrative when the tips are right. There are some days he finds himself making well over $20 per hour if people tip well.  But then he also finds himself working long shifts that he makes bad tips and can make for an extremely stressful and unrewarding night. When Dexter was asked about how he feels about his current wage, he said, “I think I get paid well, but I wouldn’t mind making more.”

Dexter also says he finds himself covering extra shifts throughout the week due to the limited employees. He also believes that his boss could be more successful in hiring new employees by creating online job postings that could draw in more help.

Dexter, just like his boss, finds himself doing extra tasks to help the restaurant keep up with daily business. Dexter also hopes that the employee shortage is close to an end. Now that employees are starting to come back, work has gotten easier but it is still not where it should be. An ideal workplace would be low stress and would not be lacking in employees, so people aren’t doing other jobs in the absence of employees.