Chick Fil a VS Flip the Bird

Jack Vanderbilt and Marshall Lang, Journalist

One day Marshall and I thought it would be a good idea to find the best chicken sandwich in the world. We went all around the North Shore for a week straight for lunch and we agreed on which chicken sandwiches were the best, and we narrowed it down to two: Chick Fil A and Flip the Bird.  We debated which one was better for hours until we came to a conclusion. 

Menu | Chick-fil-AFlip the Bird on Phantom Gourmet! - Flip The Bird Fried Chicken

To aid in our quest to declare a winner, we decided to consult our good friend, Giovanni Recupero, an IHS senior.  His two favorite chicken sandwiches are from Flip the Bird and Chick Fil A as well.  According to Gio, the Chick Fil A sandwich tasted a little artificial but delicious, but then he said the Flip the Bird sandwich was bigger and had more crunch to it with more flakes around the fried parts. He said Flip the Bird was a better quality sandwich but then you have to add in the overall taste factor. He gave Chick Fil A better overall taste and Flip the Bird a better overall quality. “The wait times to get both of these chicken sandwiches were way too long but it was worth the wait” he said. We then asked him the money question, the question we have all been waiting for. We asked “What ratings would you give both of these food places out of 10?” He sat for a minute and waited to answer, but he finally put some thought into it. We had a final score from the expert which is Chick Fil A at 9.4 and Flip the Bird at 9.7; what a close score from the expert. There we have it; according to Gio, Flip the Bird is the best chicken sandwich around.


We interviewed my sister to get her opinion on Chick Fil A, and to compare it to Flip the Bird. We started by asking what her opinion of the quality of Chick Fil A’s Food is. “Chick Fila is the McDonalds of the chicken world. It’s tasty in a cardboard way. It’s a good thing that the sauce is good, because otherwise it would taste like you’re eating literal cardboard. Besides that, their waffle fries are delicious.” After hearing her rather abysmal stance on the quality of the chicken sandwich, we figured we would ask about the service. Her response, “Same as every other fast food restaurant. It depends on the temperament of the individual working that day.” As of this point in the interview things weren’t looking good for Chick Fil A, and they don’t get any better. She believes that Chick Fil A is the same as any other fast food restaurant, from the food to the service, everything is pretty lousy. We closed by asking her to compare Chick Fil A to Flip the Bird, “Flip the bird seems to have a higher quality bird. Their service is also better. The birds at Chick Fil A should be ashamed of themselves.” She rated Chick Fil A at a 2, and Flip The Bird at an 8. 


As you can see, Chick Fil A didn’t score too great compared to Flip The Bird. The difference was much more drastic than the close score that Gio gave, but Flip The Bird scored better than Chick Fil A in both cases which makes Flip the Bird the official best chicken sandwich place in the North Shore.