Sushi Search

Mia Corcoran and Alexis Putur, Journalist


Ipswich is a coastal town known for their seafood, but citizens are still struggling to find the best sushi? In this article, Alexis Putur and Mia Corcoran take a deep dive to find out where’s the best place to get sushi in and around Ipswich, MA. 



We surveyed the public and chose 3 of the most recommended sushi restaurants, went there and rated them. We had a wide range of how far some will drive for sushi, starting at 15 minutes and going all the way up to an hour! Similarly, we had some interviewees who would only pay $8 for a roll of sushi while others were willing to pay $30. Multiple interviewees said, “I don’t like fish sushi,”  while others said, “I love both!”; We decided to order both. At each restaurant we ordered one roll of avocado sushi, one roll of spicy tuna sushi, and crab rangoons. We rated each restaurant by their distance, price, and tastes of each individual food out of 10.



Spicy Tuna Roll - TIGER CORPORATION U.S.A. | Rice Cookers, Small kitchen electronics
First up, the Mayflower. Right off the bat, The Mayflower is easily the closest by. Settled in downtown Ipswich, easily giving them a time rating of 10/10. The avocado sushi was $7.25. Going more in depth, the avocado sushi had some carrots and cucumber added in which was nice, but maybe not for everyone. Saying that you can’t really mess up avocado sushi so we gave it a 7/10 due to the fact that not everyone wants other vegetables with their avocado sushi. After that we tried the spicy tuna sushi, which was $9.57. The tuna in the sushi was like tuna you would get out of a can, not raw tuna. Although Mia actually preferred it over the raw tuna ones we tried; It all depends on which one you like. We said, “It was a weird texture at first because you aren’t expecting it, but after the first one it’s really good.” The spice was also mixed into the “mashed” tuna and was very good, but could have had more of a kick. All and all we rated the spicy tuna a 7/10! With the crab rangoon coming in at $11 and gumbo sized, Mia thought they blew it out of the park! They had a bit thicker crust and lots of cream. Mia and Alexis both rated it a 10/10. The duck sauce which came with it was banging too; plus they gave us free fortune cookies. Because the sushi prices were under $10.20, The Mayflower gets a 10/10 for sushi price. The crab rangoon was below $12.00, making its total rating 9/10. The Mayflower gets a total price rating of 9.5/10, and an overall rating of 8.7/10. 



Secondly we have Bluefin, which resides in Middleton; giving them a time rating of 7/10. Bluefins avocado sushi was very good.T hey had lots of avocado in it and it was $6; we rated it 10/10. Their spicy tuna sushi was a bit of a different story. First of all it seemed to have cucumbers or zucchini in it which was not a good mix. The raw tuna barely had any spice in it. The tuna was also $10; we rated the Spicy tuna a 3/10. And for the crab rangoons, unfortunately they do not make them so they automatically get a 0/10 for that category. Because everything from Bluefin was under $10.20, they got a 10/10 for food prices. Overall, with a total score of 6/10. Bluefin was our least favorite for the tuna rolls, but really good for the avocado rolls. 


Lastly we have Iron Chef in Danvers; approximately 21 minutes away, this lands Iron Chef with a 7/10 in the time category. Again Iron Chefs avocado, like Bluefins, was amazing, lots of avocado, and only $6; 10/10. For the spicy tuna, which was $8.25, we thought the spice was perfect and raw tuna squish felt right. Iron Chef also added some crunch in the outer layer of the roll which made it really good. All and all we rated the Spicy tuna 6/10. Lastly we tried their crab rangoons, again very good with the crab rangoons. The crab rangoons were $7.35; big and very creamy. Alexis liked the crunchy wrapper more than the mayflowers; 10/10. They also gave us free fortune cookies! Because everything from Iron Chef was under $10.20, they got a 10/10 for food prices, scoring an overall score of 8.6/10.


In conclusion the best place to go for sushi in and around Ipswich is the Mayflower! The Mayflower won by .1 points. It is the closest place, residing right in downtown Ipswich, and also very fairly priced. All 3 items were extremely good and they also gave us two free fortune cookies!