The Reality of Prom

Chloe Petradelis & Isadora DeSouza, Journalists

It’s 1:17 on a Thursday; people are rushing through the halls to get outside of the school.  The halls of IHS are crowded and pulsating with excitement because everyone is anticipating the big night: prom.  The way home seems like a long one.  Most can feel the butterflies in their stomachs.  My heart is racing fast too.  I need to get ready as soon as I can, otherwise I’m going to be late for prom. 

It is tradition that students must attend a full day of school on the day of prom at IHS.  This is unfortunate because many students feel rushed to get ready, especially when you have hair and makeup appointments to get to.  Girls will relate to this more than boys, but being rushed is a no go; there is no time to waste after school hours.  Promenade usually starts at 5:30, and for girls getting ready it is a hustle. 

What does it take for students to get ready for prom?  Well, considering most need to shower and then get their hair, makeup, and nails done before getting dressed and taking pictures, it’s a lot!  According to Meghan Wallace, a fellow senior at Ipswich High School, “Getting ready for prom usually takes me up to three to four hours.”  Now Jake Reily, another fellow senior at Ipswich High School, says, “Getting ready for prom usually takes me a little under two hours, but for my girlfriend, it turns into a whole day event.”  Prom is a very important night for students in high school.  It’s known to be a magical night.  

I remember that when I was a freshman, I used to hear all the seniors talk about prom and how magical it is.  I would always look forward to being a senior just to go to prom.  Senior prom is one of the most important ones.  Not just because it’s for seniors, but also because it’s the last time we, as a class, will be having fun together.  It’s a way of expressing ourselves and leaving behind our teenage days. 

As a senior now, it’s crazy to see how far I’ve come, and how fast the years have gone by.  Looking forward to prom night is exciting, but at the same time it’s crazy to see how mature we are and how many responsibilities we will have from now on. 

I asked Ms. Panciera, the class of 2022 advisor, what is something that she is looking forward to the most about prom this year?  She said we might have a few new additions to our Senior Prom and senior week.  “If we have extra money, we might do a photo booth at the prom,” says Ms. P.  For transportation at prom, the seniors arrive at the Crane Estate by school bus.  We do this for multiple reasons.  Ms. Panciera says, “One reason we do this is because we save so much time before the promenade since we ride on the bus in our promenade order.  The second reason we ride the buses is to make sure that everyone is safe and responsible.”  Ms. Panciera also told us that, “we do have one bus that comes back to the school at 9 pm if kids want to go home early,” but who would want to leave their Senior Prom at the Crane Estate early?

We are hoping that by the end of April, you will have all the information about senior events including graduation, baccalaureate, and all the senior week activities.  You’ll know costs, times and your parents will know them as well. Despite all of the details for senior week not being set, we do know some of the information.  During senior week, we have the usual activities, such as going on the Boston Harbor Dinner Cruise, attending the principal’s cookout, and seeing the hypnotist. We also plan on going to The Farm in Essex for lunch and yearbook signings. “A new addition to our senior week that we are trying for the first time this year is we are going to Supercharged, a place with an indoor race track and arcade,” says Ms. Panciera. Ms. P told us that The Farm in Essex has corn hole, volleyball, buffet style food and we will also be doing our yearbook signing outside.  Also, Graduation will be outside or moved inside if it rains.