Promising Season Awaits

IHS Varsity Girls Lacrosse

Elliot Bates

The 2015 Ipswich girls Varsity Lacrosse team is out for revenge after a strong yet tragic run in the tournament last year. This years team has a lot of potential to make the state tournament again but it is going to take a lot of hard work. After only graduating about six starters last spring, many of the current varsity players are already comfortable on the field. New additions to the team extend off the field with a new head coach.

Up until a week before preseason, the girls had no clue who their coaches would be this season. It turns out that popular substitute, and former college player, Kerri O’Conell got the position, accompanied by assistant coach Kevin Lombard. Also helping coach the team is Spanish teacher Sarah Merullo.

After receiving feedback from multiple players, I am under the impression that the girls are all pretty happy with the new coaching staff.

“Kerri really focuses on overall fitness, lots of running and cardio, and Merrullo is young and has a very good understanding of the modern game” says returning senior Hannah Quinn.

Captain and goalie Eliza Statile, who is committed to Bates College for lacrosse,  “is the team’s secret weapon” remarked Kevin Lombard. Many believe that she is the best goalie in the league, and I believe it. With her in net, the defense will have a strong base, and that’s such an important part.

The one thing that this team seems to have against them is the harsh winter conditions. With the feet of snow we had just now disappearing off the field, the team lacked opportunities to get field time leading up to their season opener. “It is definitely a set back, but I think we will be able to work around it” says Statile. After playing two games against two very competitive division one teams, the girls have a record of (0-2). Statile doesn’t think this slow start will reflect the rest of their season. As a matter of fact, this start is extremely promising. The girls held their own with some of the better teams in the state. If they continue to play as well in the future, Ipswich girls lacrosse may be looking at a league championship.

More to come as the season progresses…