Kellen Waters

This year Kellen Waters has made a name for himself on the Ipswich Cross Country Team. Since the start of his season he has continued to break course records and create winning opportunities for Ipswich. Throughout his season Kellen has seen nothing but improvement. From his first meet at Newburyport, he started off his three mile run at a 5.30.33 pace, and ended up taking first place. His streak of improvement carried through his last league meet verses Amesbury, again taking first with a 5.24.3 pace. Placing 8th overall at the CAL(Cape Ann League) open with a pace of 5:20.0 per mile. With this fast pace he moved himself to being the third fastest cross country runner in Ipswich history.

Kellen started his high school sports career in the fall of his freshman year. Playing defensive midfielder on the boys varsity soccer team. He followed this with both indoor and outdoor track. Even as a freshman, Kellen was a big addition to the distance team, running the 1000, and 800 meter races. As his sophomore year came around, he followed the same track of sports. Playing soccer in the fall followed again by indoor and outdoor track. This time, having a bigger impact as he became stronger and faster. Starting his junior year in 2016, he has decided to pursue his running career by joining the boys cross country team. In addition to the senior heavy team, Kellen’s impact has contributed to making the team the best it has been in years.

Not only is Kellen an exceptional runner, but an awesome teammate and inspiring person. Track Coach, Martin Binette describes Kellen as, “a great young man, a very hard worker,” and, ”fun to be around.” Kellen’s teammates enjoy running with him and vice verses. Kellen says, “Running with Reed helps me. We pace together which helps us to go faster and run harder.”  Kellen’s fun spirit also helps him off the course. In school Kellen is a bubbly person and people are always laughing and smiling around him. “I think if I’m happy it’ll make everyone else happy and it makes for a better place.” You can always tell when Kellen is around because people are always laughing at his innocent jokes. Kellen also carries his friendly personality into the indoor and outdoor track seasons. During these he runs the 1000m and the 800m respectively. Making states in both events, Kellen is a leader on the distance team coached by Susan Markos. Kellen is excited to hit the track for the upcoming seasons, and hopes that between the cross country season, and all the training that he does over the summer will pay off.