Journey to the Cup

The 2013 and 2014 Bruins season has officially started. The skates have hit the ice and the players have collided with the plastic boards. The “new” or 2013-14 edition team is still  currently led by Zdeno Chara as captain. The Boston Bruins led the National Hockey League  preseason with a bang like most of the other teams in the league. This years Bruins are already eager and hungry to play the ice and skate their way toward the Lord Stanley’s Cup.

The Bruins want the whole NHL to know that they are hungry for the cup considering they fell short in last years Stanley Cup Finals to the Chicago Blackhawks. They won six out of their seven preseason games to kick off a great start to an even better season. But enough about last year and on with the new, out of the league standing games, the Bruins have been dominating their season with a number of close games, blowouts, and just falling short of the big W. With strong contributions from Loui Eriksson, Jarome Iginla, and Tukka Rask the team is off to a physical and skill filled year. Two of those players being new additions to the 2013-2014 team. Mr. Ames, a big hockey fan from our own high school said that, “These first few games have been a great test of some of the new players to see how they fit in and work with Boston’s playing style overall”. He also thought that so far in the season, “Eriksson, Bergeron, Tukka and Chara have contributed a lot”. “Bergeron is also one of the players who really gets overlooked and is underestimated. He is always there giving his all and has all of his heart into the game he loves.”  Mr. Ames thought the new team has a great chance at making it to the stanley cup again, along with other teams like, the Penguins, Rangers, Caps and maybe Toronto if they have an overall good season.

Also touching on the fact that we lost two big names over the summer, Andrew Ferrence and Tyler Seguin, have been traded to two separate teams for this season. They were traded for a few different players like Eriksson and Iginla. Mr. Ames felt that, “Andrew Ferrence will be a huge loss because of his playing style and chemistry with the Boston Bruins throughout the years. On the other hand Tyler Seguin will not be a big loss to Boston right now but in the future we will be paying for it. Once Tyler Seguin matures as a player and an adult we will be in trouble when he hits the ice skating against us.”

Bruins and Islander players square off and get ready for the puck to drop in a face-off.
Bruins and Islander players square off and get ready for the puck to drop in a face-off.

Ipswich has a number of hockey fans that watch the games, boys and girls, Carly Remick is a big fan and will be attending many games this season to cheer on her favorite team and players. Jenny Ames, Mr. Ames daughter, will enjoy season tickets that they hold stating that, “I can’t wait to go to as many games as possible. Once hockey season is in full swing its the best season and time of year.” She also said, “I can not wait to attend as many games as possible. The season tickets are really awesome and allow me to be really flexible with my schedule, my dad thinks the same.” Like most Boston sports fans, the Bruins are just one of the sports hoping to make it all the way and finish out in the finals not only bringing home the cup, but a crowd of enthusiastic fans to parade around the city of Boston with. The Bruins are off to a great start to their hopefully long season. By dominating preseason and their first few games, they are ready to take on the road and skate their way to the cup.