Sox in Five, Boston Community Continues to Thrive


Jack Norris and Dan Stedman

On October 28th, 2018 the Boston Red Sox won their 9th World Series in one of the most historic fashions, only losing 3 games throughout the entire postseason. The resilience and perseverance of this team caught the eyes of many people around the world, especially the fans that have stood by them throughout the years. This was similar to the 2004 World Series where the Red Sox defeated the St. Louis Cardinals 4 wins to 0. Everyone knows how significant this World Series victory was because it broke the Curse of The Bambino, an 84 year World Series title drought because of the trade of George Herman Ruth, or more commonly known as “Babe”. Before the curse, the Red Sox had won 5 World Series titles, in the years 1903 ,1912, 1915,1916, and 1918.


The city of Boston is known to be the “City of Champions”, having 37 championship titles in the modern era. This means that Boston teams, and their surrounding communities appreciate a title win because it is an addition to the all the trophies that they already have. But this Red Sox World Series title may have been one of the most special, obviously second to the 2004 title. According to George Norris “2004 Red Sox breaking 84 year curse, is the most important championship in Red Sox history.” He went on to mention that the “2013 Red Sox winning after the Boston Bombing is up there, we weren’t that talented but they worked hard, sparked a certain attitude that I think a lot of people embodied.

This past year the Red Sox had the most wins in the MLB, and set a new franchise record of 108 wins. The Red Sox don’t have problems in the regular season; they’ve had great seasons in the past, but just fall short in the playoffs. According to Gardy “This team was unique because they are such a well liked team and they had a great regular season and kept it going through the playoffs, where in the last couple years, where they made the playoffs they’ve gotten swept, or beaten pretty handily.”

Just like with the 2013 Red Sox, George Norris noticed that “Starting pitchers would pitch consecutive nights; it showed they would do whatever to win, no negative attitude.” He also mentioned how the “Willingness to do whatever they had to do to win, and bouncing back after losing that 18 inning game, that could’ve been the beginning of the end.” However they bounced back after losing a game that lasted 7 hours and 20 minutes. Even though baseball might be boring to people, according to senior Erik Anderson “The Red Sox are the heart of Boston, and I think baseball has declined nationally, but Boston still has pride for baseball.” That’s why “Having the best team in baseball, put Red Sox fans along with myself in a very good mood.”(Erik).

Anyone in Boston that appreciates our sports teams was celebrating when we won this world series, because only losing 3 games in the entire playoffs is unreal. The Red Sox 2018 season will go down as one of the best seasons in baseball history, considering how well they did during the regular season. And also how they never took their foot off the gas during the playoffs, and just the overall team effort, resilience, and  culture around this season, is the reason why they won the World Series and had fun throughout the entire journey.

The Red Sox organization is also well known for doing many things for its community. But it’s not just the owner and his administration, it’s the players. Gardy O’Flynn says that “Mookie Betts does a lot for the community. He gives a lot of his time. Him and Brock Holt [as well]”. The Red Sox organize many fundraisers and support as many people as they can help. Some of these consist of The Jimmy Fund, which is a wide known organization for cancer research, and Gardy adds “The Red Sox organization does so much with The Jimmy Fund but those are two main players  that probably give the most time”. The Sox also have a partnership with Mass General Hospital to help provide clinical care, support services, clinical and community education, and other services for veterans who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. One last big community support that the Red Sox organization does is that they pick a handful of 7th graders in the Boston school system and raise $10,000 for each of them by the time they graduate high school and the money is given as a scholarship. There have been over 250 students picked since 2002.

As you can tell, the Red Sox have a major impact on their community by helping those in need and that is why the Red Sox are so loved by their longtime fans. This 9th World Series title spread joy throughout the community and all these other factors were there to contribute to and build up all this hype. The Red Sox had a great team this year with many players winning end of season awards, but that concludes that everyone on the Red Sox roster is not only a great player, but an even better person.