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Isabella Rodriguez

Exercising is Good

Love it or hate it, exercise is one of the three pillars of healthy living along with hydration and a balanced diet. For those who wonder what the healthiest activity may be, experts have slammed the hammer. They have found that walking has many more advantages as it is aerobic, has low impact, and can be easily done. Although about half of those who start a new exercise program abandon it within three to six months, walking is a great way to stay active, even if it means simply accomplishing simple daily tasks.

All exercise used to combat sedentary lifestyle is important for homeostasis which is the overall functioning of the organism. Whichever method you choose, the key is to practice it regularly. “When someone stops doing physical activity they run risks of an unhealthy lifestyle. Being a great athlete is not necessary for good health,” said Flavio Cassioano, a personal trainer and bodybuilder. By exercising every day, one can assure themselves that they are on the right path to staying healthy. To stay healthy, it is not only important to maintain a daily exercise routine, but it is also important to eat right and get enough sleep. Allowing yourself to eat right and sleep enough hours through the night, you can allow your body to have enough energy throughout the day to perform daily tasks efficiently and productively.

In addition, you should always consult a doctor before starting any exercise. This allows the physician to determine your physical condition and identify what exercises suit you best.  It is also critical to ensure that the health benefits are obtained through enough exercise.   Physical activity and sports are important for all ages. Physical conditioning will ensure lasting health of the heart and circulatory system, preventing diseases like diabetes and cholesterol. Physical exercise improves memory, concentration, increases self-esteem and prevents anxiety and depression. As a result, muscles in the body will grow stronger and become more toned.

Below you can see some research that indicates good reasons to put laziness aside and start exercising.:

1- According to economist Vasilios Kosteas of Cleveland State University, people who exercise at least three times per week earn 9% more income than those who are not active. This difference occurs because activity release endorphins which improves health and physical abilities. All of this, of course, results in a more productive professional, trained and qualified personal.

2- For adults who work and study, fitting an exercise routine in their daily lives can be unrealistic. Recent research has been conducted in several countries showing that exercise is worth it. The results show that brain activity, memory, and learning are considerably improved through those who exercise compared with those who do not exercise. Research from University of Illinois indicated that athletic training can stimulate the production of neurons linked to cognitive functions.

3- The traditional remedies for depression are not always effective. In their place, exercise has been shown to reverse depression. A 2011 survey, taken by UT Southwestern Medical Center, proved this in scientific studies. The scientists analyzed a group of people from 18 to 70 years old with depression who did not respond well to medication given at the beginning of treatment. After doing exercises for 12 weeks, 30% recovered completely and 20% had improved considerably. These results were not achieved by the pills.

4- The risk of dying from smoking is similar to the risks of dying from not exercising . A study published in July indicated that the cause of the early death of one in ten people is linked to a lack of exercise. The research says that every year, 5.3 million people lose their lives from heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, colon cancer, and other problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle.