IHS Varsity Golf

This year’s golf team has been more successful than past years. They have had a solid season beating teams they haven’t been able to beat in years. The golf team are now qualified for the state tournament coming in first in a tri-meet in which they only had to come in second. The first game will be played on Monday October 21st and they will play eighteen holes per match. The Tigers finished the regular season 8-6 and needed to be .500 to qualify.

The seniors on this team are Austin Rubino, Quinn O’Connor, Ryan Mulkerin, Kyle mulkerin, Jon O’Brien and Erik Gongas. Also helping the team are strong freshmen players such as Thomas Forman, Jack Maino and Kilian Morrissey. In an interview with Co-captain Austin Rubino, he said “I expect big things from Angela Saint Peter and Stephen Solimeno in the years to come”, and when I asked Kyle Mulkerin for his opinion he told me, “Kilian Morrissey has been grinding since day one and has no intentions to stop. He puts his heart and soul into the game and the results show.”

One of my first questions for Austin Rubino was what are his strengths and weaknesses in which he responded, “I hit the ball pretty long and give myself a lot of good chances to score; it all comes down to if I’m putting and chipping well and if I can stay focused and just play one shot at a time.” This season the highest scorer is Austin Rubino followed by Quinn O’Connor. My next question for Austin was what his favorite course is and he said “Ipswich Country Club is my favorite course to play on because I know what I need to do to play it well, but the team is really lucky to get to play on great courses like Essex Counrty Club, Myopia Hunt club, Haverhill Country Club and Turner hill”. Kyle Mulkerin said that his favorite course is Myopia because it “separates the boys from the men.”

When I asked Austin what his main focus is going into each match he told me, “I am always mainly focused on my putting; if I’m putting good I am able to make birdies and a lot of pars and save myself if I get in trouble.” After this year there will be new captains and one player who Rubino thinks will play a leadership role will be Jake Reedy. My last question for Kyle Mulkerin was how would he describe this season which he told me “You know we’re just wheeling and dealing grinding for every win. Don’t look over us for going far in the state tourney next week.”