Roger Goodell hated?

Corey Elliott

roger goodellThe most powerful man in sports could be the most hated man in the United States, especially in New England right now. Many of us believe that Roger Goodell failed at being the NFL commissioner because of the ways that he has handled things in the past and present. Goodell simply cares more about players jeopardizing the integrity of the game to get a better edge to win, then players that commit domestic abuse and child abuse.

Roger Goodell was born in Jamestown, New York; he eventually graduated from Bronxville High School. While Roger Goodell was in high school he was a three sport star; he played football, basketball and baseball. The three teams voted him as captain during his senior year.  He was a complete stud. But eventually injuries kept him from playing college football. In 1981, Roger Goodell graduated from Washington & Jefferson college. He got his degree in economics.

Goodell finally made it into the NFL in 1982 as an intern in the league office in New York City. It took Goodell twenty-five years of talking his way into every job opportunity that opened up. People ended up voting for Goodell to be the commissioner of the NFL when Paul Tagliabue stepped down from the job. People believed that Goodell would be the best option for this job. Years later Goodell has not lived up to any of the hype.

The commissioner makes forty-four million dollars each year, which is sad. Goodell should not be making anywhere near that kind of money. We simply need to overthrow him of having all the power in the league, because he has proven over and over again that he can’t handle having all the power because he abuses it.

Roger Goodell has done two good things for the NFL. Goodell has increased the fan base of the NFL throughout Europe having a couple of games played there each year. Two teams will travel to Europe one at a time to play each other, the Patriots played there a couple of years ago against the St. Louis Rams. Also since Roger Goodell took the spot, “the NFL has taken measures to improve brain safety and fend off critics of its concussion policies.” Now in football there is no more head to head hits, if a player does it on purpose they will get fined, with a big price tag. That’s all he has done.

Roger Goodell and the NFL simply do not care about domestic violence. They care more about players abusing drugs, such as marijuana. Players who smoke weed to help them with the pain from playing are penalized. “Science is starting to show that marijuana can help with head injuries.” According to Espn news. The NFL is trying to bring it into the league as a pain reliever, but they are afraid that players are going to abuse it. But in all honesty domestic violence is a bigger issue than players smoking a little marijuana to heal faster and take away the pain.

Now it seems to be that Air Pressure is a bigger problem than the domestic violence issues in the NFL, because it abuses the rules, which is a complete joke. Roger Goodell should pay more attention against players who are abusing women than air pressure in a football.

The latest player who domestically abused his fiancee is Ray Rice. Rice beat her in a elevator at the Atlantic City Casino. Then carried her out of the elevator when she was out cold. Goodell and the NFL had every bit of evidence that they needed to convict him when the video was released from inside the elevator. People all around the country started freaking out, but Roger Goodell didn’t penalize him enough. The latest child abuse case was with All star running back Adrian Peterson. A.P ended up whipping his kid with a stick, bruising his son on the back with a bunch of all different marks. The NFL had all the proof, but Peterson is now back in the NFL, and the league loves him.ray-rice-cartoon

The latest story now is “Deflategate” with Tom Brady. This scandal apparently occurred when the Patriots blew out the Colts in the AFC Championship game. A Colts player noticed the football was a little flat. The refs then checked all the footballs saying they were a little under inflated, even though the cold weather could have done the damage. When the Wells report came out last week, Roger Goodell suspended Tom Brady for the first four games of the season, gave a million dollar fine towards the Patriots and two draft picks will be taken away. But Wells had no proof that Tom Brady had anything to do with telling the employees to take air out of the balls. Roger Goodell and the NFL defamed Tom Brady’s name, making it seem like he’s been cheating all his life in the NFL. Rob Ninkovich believes that “Brady wouldn’t jeopardize the integrity of the game.” The two of them are very close friends and Ninkovich knows that Brady would never cheat in any way or form.

Roger Goodell has to go,

  We can’t have him running the show…..