“Hands Up” Just listen

Molly Barry

Police brutality has been a common theme in the United States the past couple weeks. Questions arise such as “what gives police officers the right” or “ we should support police officers”. Recently an incident in South Carolina sparked controversy throughout the Country.
South Carolina Deputy, Mark Tiller’s job was put on hold after he shot local teen, 19 year old Zachary Hammond twice. Tuesday morning was the day Deputy Tiller was assigned to the drug bust. Zachary Hammond was allegedly taking his girlfriend, Tori Morton, on a date. They supposedly got ice cream at a local McDonald’s then drove to Hardee’s so Zachary could order a burger, according to the recent lawsuit filed by his family. Seneca South Carolina’s police department statement stated that Tiller was waiting undercover to bust the couple for possession and distribution of Marijuana. When Tiller approachedtiller the car, Zachary sped off coming close to the officer. The officer believing his life was in jeopardy, fired twice into the car killing Zachary Hammond.
When interviewing Skylar Hambley, a senior at Ipswich High school, she was more in favor of the safety of the police officer. When asked if these displays were an over reaction, Skylar states, “ In my opinion, if the officer really felt he was in danger, he had every right to defend himself.”

Questions of whether compliance with officers would result in more peaceful arrests have been circulating in social media. Skylar during the interview clearly stated, “If Zachary Hammond had gotten out of the car with his hands up, he would still be alive today.”
My interview with Bryan Barry, an engineer in Boston, was similar to the interview with Skylar. Bryan explained, “Kids nowadays don’t respect authority; they refuse to be disciplined and resist all higher figure authorities.”
Another question that have also been circulating is “can a car be used as a deadly weapon?” The answer is yes. A motor vehicle can kill another person. Hence why, if in fact the shooting of Zachary Hammond was in defense, lawfully it is the correct thing to do. Both of the interviewed individuals believed that if Mark Tiller believed his life was in danger, he had every right to protect himself.
The parents of Zachary Hammond are effortlessly trying to bring him justice. They have brought up that the paramedics left their son’s body for 90 minutes after pronounced dead, and his body was bitten and stung by ants. In legal papers, it was acknowledged that the second officer may have said something about inappropriate contact with Hammond’s body. None of these statements and accusations have been confirmed but are currently being investigated. Also, a private autopsy has shown that Zachary was shot in the side and the back, which the Hammond family is trying to prove that the “ threat had passed”. Regardless, city lawyers said the shooting was justified and in self-defense.
In conclusion, the statement of “ police lives matter” needs to be reiterated in all the world. Compliance with law enforcement will always end on a more positive note. Unfortunately for this teen, he made multiple mistakes which lead to his death.