Immigration and Acclimation

Immigration and Acclimation

Andria Hawwa, Journalist

As danger and war are increasing around the world, some only have the option to look for a new and safe home, one that will provide their family members with a better life.   In 2013, 3.3 million new immigrants settled down in the United States, looking for security and shelter.   The immigrant population has grown by 1.4 million in three years. For everyone involved, immigration is a life changing experience.

Adapting to a new community that often has a different language and culture can be difficult. The fact that you speak their language doesn’t mean you’re a part of them; however, the acclimation process differs from one person to another. Some people tend to have trouble getting use to all the norms of a new society because of the old traditions that were left behind.

young adults, adolescents and children have the ability to adjust to new cultures faster and easier than others.  Michael Fitzgerald, a Math teacher involved in a program called ELL or “English Language learners”, argued that every person has a unique personality and strength that helps him or her be an important part of a new community. Some have “social” strength, which include their ability to communicate and be recognized in a small community dominated by cliques. Others have the “academic” skill, which is someone’s capability of proving they are good students and classmates by working hard and doing well in school.

“Coming to a small town and a small high school was tough; not everyone was friendly at first, but once they got to know us it all changed,” said Nick Hawwa, an international student, about his experience. “It was hard to blend in…” he argued, “Different groups of friends and different thoughts made it harder for us to find a place to fit in.”

Immigrating to another country, leaving everything you once knew and loved is difficult; one decision can change your life forever. Moving is a chance to start over and prove that your country’s turmoil can’t define who you are as a person. Get involved, be social, and word hard; this is the only way to adapt to the situation you are in.  You will also have an opportunity to meet new people and live a new experience; don’t miss it! Adjusting might take time, but it will happen!