Trump-Train or Bust?

Trump-Train or Bust?

Deven MacIntosh, Author

On the bright and sunny day of June 16, 2015, a brash and successful billionaire announced his Presidential candidacy for United States of America outside his world renowned hotel in New York City. Everyone was convinced that he would not last after a few months in the Presidential race. Today, that man has won 987 delegates, swept more primaries than anyone imagined, and has been the GOP front runner ever since the start of the race. That man is Mr. Donald J. Trump.


        The man has taken the republican establishment by storm. He has built a huge fan base and brought in new voters by the thousands. So why do so many people support him and agree with his views? “He can’t be bought out, he can do whatever he wants. He doesn’t play by the rules, and we need someone to bring change,” stated IHS sophomore Jacob Lombara. “I don’t agree with some of the things he says, but I do support many of his policies.” Trump could be considered what you call “A loose cannon”; his billion-dollar fortune makes him immune to the political landscape of being bought out by special interests and lobbyists. This unique characteristic about him makes him popular to many of his supporters. It shows that he won’t be another corrupt politician who abuses power for personal gain.File_000 (3)

        “We need changes in immigration, the military should come first, and China needs to be dealt with; we need someone who will put our country in the right direction.  That’s why I support him as an individual,” stated IHS senior Kristoff Robson. Mr. Robson, like many other supporters, feels the same about his policies. Immigration is a problem that must be addressed. Our immigration agencies are overwhelmed, underfunded, and frankly inadequate. Trump’s proposed immigration policy is completely acceptable. A new and adequate border must be constructed, illegal immigrants need to be deported and come to our country legally like anyone else, and our immigration agencies need to be overhauled to accommodate migrants. Military strength and the VA have also been a key component of Trump’s campaign. Trump believes that the military is being downgraded and underfunded. China, Russia, and Iran have significantly increased their military presence and strength, creating concerns about America’s ability to respond to threats in the world. The Veterans Affair agency have been controversial in how they take care of our beloved vets. Constant resignations and rising scandals have made people believe that the VA is a corrupt system that doesn’t care about veterans. Many of these key components of Trumps campaign have been correct. It’s not racial driven hate that many people support; it’s just simple common sense.

        Trump has been bombarded by both Republican and Democratic Presidential parties.  Both the Republican and Democratic parties have put significant effort into making sure he does not grasp the Presidential nomination. “Both parties don’t want him to win simply because he is different from the status quo”, stated IHS Senior John Ross. The amount of time and effort the establishment has contributed to stop Donald would’ve put any other candidate out of the race long ago. The attacks have only strengthened his position among supporters. It shows that the corrupt hierarchy only want him gone because it will ruin the political tradition they have long ruled over with.
        Trump followers continue to be ridiculed and attacked at rallies and establishments of the real estate billionaire, but their support only gets stronger after every political victory. People believe he will make this country great again, with or without his political party behind him. With the republican nomination almost in his grasp and still sweeping primaries, Trump may just defy the odds.