The Best Place to Get Your Buzz: A Review of Ipswich Coffee Shops


Whether you need a local spot to do homework, meet with a friend, or simply satisfy a caffeine craving, Ipswich coffee shops play a central role in our culture. Zumi’s, Little Wolf, and Dunkin Donuts are the most popular spots to grab a coffee in Ipswich. We decided to review these coffee shops based on atmosphere, service, and quality of coffee.

Our first stop was Little Wolf. The white brick and light blue exterior of the store reveals exactly what kind of store Little Wolf is. The environment is sophisticated, comfortable, and very modern. Their seating is picturesque, complete with hanging plants and coffee-inspired artwork. Little Wolf roasts, packages, and distributes their own coffee beans right from the store. This contributes to their individuality and overall branding. Faith ordered her go-to iced coffee. At $3 plus $.75 for almond milk, the price point is average. The coffee has a very nice balance of flavor and strength, while not being too bitter. The ice cubes are very large, and don’t melt and water down your coffee. Little Wolf is the kind of place to spend a couple of hours catching up with a friend and enjoying the atmosphere. This was Faith’s favorite place to visit during our research.

If you live in or around Ipswich, you are probably familiar with Zumi’s. They are known for their great service and amazing coffee. The environment is very relaxed and cozy. We chatted with Owen Dorau, an employee at Zumi’s, about the unique qualities that they bring to Ipswich. This little coffee shop can be found in the heart of downtown Ipswich. They have been opened since 2003, and stay open 363 days a year, taking Thanksgiving and Christmas day off. “Zumi’s is more than just a coffee shop,” Owen shared. Zumi’s supports local artists by hosting live music every weekend, and giving artists a space to hang their art. Unlike some other businesses, Zumi’s does their best to cater to specific diets and/or allergies, by providing non-dairy milk options and nut-free snacks. All drinks that are sold can be put over ice. Coffee prices can range from about $2 to $6, depending on the type of drink, making it a higher price point than the other two shops. “Zumi’s employees are here to answer anything about drink specifications and/or the beans we sell,” said Owen. Many locals can confirm that the employees at Zumi’s care about their customers and go out of their way to make your coffee experience fantastic. This local coffee shop is the perfect place to get work done, study, or just hang out with friends.

If your someone who wants to grab a coffee and go, then Dunkin Donuts is the place for you. Unlike Little Wolf and Zumi’s, Dunks isn’t seen as a community coffee shop. It’s the fast food version of coffee. The quality is consistent and prices are low at $2.88 for a medium iced regular coffee. Ava Warren, a Dunkin Donuts enthusiast, shares her thoughts on the shop. “I like Dunks coffee because it’s simple and tastes good pretty consistently. I’m a medium iced regular gal, which feeds my caffeine addiction perfectly.” If you’re looking for something to satisfy your caffeine craving, like Ava, Dunks is a good option. Something that sets Dunks aside from the other coffee shops in Ipswich is the fact that they have a variety of food that they sell. From donuts, to breakfast wraps, to bagels, Dunks has a selection of breakfast food that can be made quickly for people on the go. Although Dunks doesn’t have the same at-home environment, it still seems to be a fan favorite amongst coffee drinkers.

Ipswich provides locals with several coffee places that meet different coffee needs. Little Wolf has a more modern appearance, and its excellent coffee appeals to younger hipster-types. Zumi’s is an all around favorite among locals because of its history, involvement in the town, and cozy environment. Dunks is a quick, on the go stop for commuters. All three of these coffee shops unite our community and enhance the town’s culture.