One Bite Review

Tye Wallis


Throughout the years of living in Ipswich and Canada, I’ve come to the conclusion that Ipswich has some of the best pizza the world has ever seen. Over the course of the last week, I stopped into all the local pizza joints in Ipswich and had an individual slice of cheese pizza. Although the task may seem pretty straight forward, analyzing each slice of pizza and putting it on a ten point scale can be very tricky. For every bite you need to analyze the flop, grease, cheese, and the texture.

I started the process by interviewing a long time friend and townie, who goes by the name of Drew Anderson. I asked him where I could buy the best slice of pizza. He responded saying that, “He wants to make things simple,” and he told me to “just head down to Riverview and grab a box of cheez.” He started explaining to me that “Riverview, on a ten point scale, would be considered a ten.” I told him that with all the factors you need to consider;  that is a score that is almost impossible to give. He then continued to tell me that, “All the other places in Ipswich that serve pizza would be considered a 7 or a 6 out of ten.” After all the data I received, I started with my task.

Starting on Monday, I went to Ipswich House and Pomodori’s. The first slice of cheese that I ordered was from Ipswich House. That pizza had a lot of dough with a whole lot of greasy cheese. In my opinion, Ipswich House of Pizza fell short on taste and texture. 

Shortly after Ipswich House, I headed over to Pomodori’s and repeated the process. Through my knowledge of ranking pizza, like Ipswich house, Pomodori’s was way too greasy.

I also went to The Choate Bridge Pub and Riverview. As soon as you walk into both places there is a small town vibe, and the people working are very friendly. I quickly started my pizza rating process at the Pub, and wow, I was astonished.  This pizza had the perfect amount of crust with a good amount of flop, cheese, and grease. After analyzing that slice of pizza, I came to the conclusion that the Choate Bridge Pub is a 8.3 out of 10.

After a couple hours went by, I started making my way to what Drew considered to be a ten. I had my doubts entering the building, but wow was I wrong. This pizza is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before; this pizza is the real deal. I must say Drew was right; Riverview Pizza truly is a 10/10. The thin crust was the perfect base for the flavorful sauce and cheese ratio.  It’s the perfect slice.

After a week of analyzing pizza, I decided to sit down and talk with another townie who has lived in Ipswich his whole life. His name is George Huntington; he didn’t completely agree with my findings. I asked him, “What’s your favorite Pizza Place?”  I could see it in his eyes; he looked like an Ipswich House type of guy, and sure enough, he was.

  • After my research, I realized that my findings aren’t exactly scientific and everyone has a different favorite pizza spot in Ipswich.  However, despite the debate, one thing is clear: Ipswich has some amazing places to grab a slice of pie. I’ll see you at Riverview sometime soon!