Bagel Debate

Estelle Krause, Journalist

          What is the perfect all year round breakfast? The answer is obvious: a bagel. You may find yourself enjoying these pastries at the beach in the summer, brisk early morning soccer games in the fall, freezing in the car during a snowstorm, or even at a sunny Sunday lacrosse game. They are easy, fast, and filling. Personally I find myself often wondering where  I should go to get the best bagel. Here on the North shore we have plenty of options,  but what restaurant produces  the best one? 

           I decided to ask Mya Pratt,a  junior at Ipswich High. he says,“For convenience before school and after a long night on the weekends, the best place to go is right here in Ipswich, Jetties.” Jetties bagels are different from other ones in this area. This is because they are made like no other bagels in the area. They are specially handcrafted; the bagels have a tough and crunchy shell and a soft and puffy inside. Jetties has a selection of 12 bagels most of the time, but often offer an additional two that are seasonal flavors. They also have a wide spread of cream cheeses. This makes it so that everyone can get something that they want.

            On the other hand, when I asked an adult, Stephen Krause, an avid bagel consumer, he prefers to go to Best Bagel in Georgetown. “It’s the same quality as Bagel world but for a fraction of the drive and line.” With a wide variety of bagels that are your large classic style, you can’t go wrong. Best bagel also has a wide selection of cream cheeses and coffee. Best bagel  has a quicker turnaround time than jetties, so you are in and out quite quickly in comparison to Jetties and Bagel World. 


Here is a chart with all of the necessary criteria to choose the perfect bagel place near us :

Name How far from School Price of bagel w cream cheese Price of bagel w butter Price of dozen bagels  Price of coffee Online Ordering Number of Bagel Flavors
Abraham Bagels 19 min drive $3.50 $2.80 $12.99 SM – $2.54LG – $2.75


Yes  18
Best Bagel 18 min drive $2.89 $2.09 $11.99 iced – $1.99 Yes  19
Jetties 3 min drive $2.33 $1.87 $14.00 Iced $2.57 Yes 14 sometimes 12 most times
East End Bagels 8 min drive Not on website  Not on website Not on website Not on website No  18
The Bagel Shop 14 min drive $3.06 $2.57 $14.95 $4.77 Yes  14
Bagel World 25 min drive $2.10 $1.64 $12.84 $2.34 Yes 21