Breaking Bad, Breaking Headlines

Breaking Bad is the hot new show on T.V. right now.  It’s what all the fans are talking about.  Breaking Bad is set and produced in New Mexico by Vince Gillian. It is a crime/drama show.  The story is told over six seasons and is portrayed in the show over a two year period.  The main character is Walter White who is played by Bryan Cranston. Walter White is a high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer at the beginning of the series. He realizes that he could die at any moment so he wants to make sure that he doesn’t leave his family in debt, so he decides to start producing and selling methamphetamine. One day while he was on a ride along with his brother, a DEA agent, he saw one of his former students, Jesse Pinkman, escape from a meth lab that was being busted. Once he realized how much money he could make in this industry, he asked Jesse to become his partner and together they would make and sell meth.

There were six seasons in total for this series.  Most people say that this is not enough because they were absolutely in love with the show.   They didn’t want to watch TV after the show ended because nothing had compared to Breaking Bad.  “Breaking Bad is the best show in all of television. No other show can be so dark and sinister but at the same time so enticing and addicting.  I feel like the show tried to make an indirect relation between how addicting meth is in the show and how addicting the show was to watch,” says student, friend of mine, and avid Breaking Bad watcher Ryan Fantasia. Ryan doesn’t like to watch TV anymore because he believes that no other show comes close to the fascinating storyline of Breaking Bad.

There are many characters in Breaking Bad that play important roles.  There is Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, Skylar White, Walter Jr., Hank Schrader and many more characters.  They are all key characters who make this show possible.  I was curious as to who people thought their favorite characters were, and I had a variety of different answers.   One student, Quinn O’Connor, said that Mike Ehrmantraut was his favorite character.  “I like Mike because he seems to be the one character in the show that doesn’t show any signs of fear or doubt in himself.  Unlike the other characters, Mike is never motivated by self gain; he is motivated by his granddaughter because he wants to make enough money for her to go to college,” says Quinn. Ryan liked Jesse Pinkman for different reasons. “Jesse Pinkman matured as a character throughout the seasons, and by the end of the series I disliked almost all of the other characters,” stated Ryan. It’s amazing how people’s opinions differ so much on a show that is so loved by many.

Although there are millions of people who love watching this show, there are also people who have never seen the show but have heard lots about it from friends or social media networks.  One student at IHS, Ryan Silva, has never seen the show but wanted to put some outside input on the topic.  “Although I don’t watch Breaking Bad, people seem to thoroughly enjoy it and have nothing bad to say about it. I respect the show and the viewers and maybe one day will decide to watch it myself.”

As you can see the show Breaking Bad is very popular and even if you don’t watch it you have most definitely heard about it.

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