The Final Countdown

senior weekWhat better way to spend your last few days as a high school student than to participate in entertaining events with your class? This year’s senior week is scheduled with fun-filled events ranging from bowling locally to travelling to Portland, Maine to see a baseball game.  With many hours of planning, the Tuesday after Memorial Day is where it all begins, or should I say, where it all ends.

The week leading up to graduation, the class officers have planned many things for the seniors to do. On Tuesday, the class will be loading buses and heading to a Seadogs game in Maine for the afternoon, which should be a good way to start off the week. Wednesday, everyone will be hanging out locally as we have the cookout with Mr. Dalton at the school and then the hypnotist show. On Thursday, the class will go bowling and then finish the night with a show at Giggles Comedy Club. Friday will be the last hurrah, as we head over to the Georgetown Country Club to have our “last lunch” as a class the day before graduation. Yearbook signing and the last hang out with the Class of 2014 will be enjoyable, but bittersweet for many. The next evening will be the day all the seniors have been looking forward to for four years; many laughs, smiles, and most likely tears will be shed at the ceremony, but after an adventurous and fun week it will be a well-deserved celebration.  I asked Zoe Dorau, the class secretary, if the senior class will have to pay this year to attend these senior week activities and she said, “No! It is really important the seniors hear that because it is different from last year.” As a class we have worked very hard to fund-raise for these types of events, so not having to pay for our senior week is a great accomplishment. Just register for the events and you are all set for the senior week coming up in just a few short weeks!

Many people at Ipswich High School see the senior week as a tradition and don’t think much of it, but senior week hasn’t always been around and we should consider ourselves lucky. Talking to Mrs. Killian, she doesn’t remember any organized senior week when she attended Ipswich High School, “there were mostly just groups of people going to the beach leading up to graduation. If there was anything, it clearly wasn’t very memorable.” I think it is important for the seniors to realize that we have a great opportunity to really enjoy our last week together and to make it a memorable one. The class officers and advisers have also put a lot of hard work and time into planning our prom and these senior week activities, and it should not go unnoticed. Many of the activities are different from the previous years as well because of the money we raised over the past few years, especially at this year’s Senior Fashion Show. “We have a lot more money than the previous classes did, so we are putting some funds toward other things like prom and just changing up some of the senior week activities,” Zoe stated.