Paying for Prom

For those who do decide to go it can get expensive, quick


It’s the most wonderful time of the year: prom season. For some, this is a once in a lifetime experience and for others it’s just another dance. Regardless of your viewpoint, it’s one of the most celebrated High School experiences, where memories are made and friendships are fostered. Between tickets, attire, shoes, accessories and flowers, the average high school girl attending the prom will spend a whopping $650. Boys will spend around $220, can you say unfair? Lets see all the things that add up to this absurd amount.
In order to get into the prom and on to the dance floor you’ll need a ticket! Last year Ipswich High School’s Junior prom was $35 and senior prom was $50. Typically the male takes care of the ticket; but, if you ladies are bringing someone from another school you’re looking at $70 for the juniors, and $100 for seniors! Senior Aleks Kuljic who has attended four proms at Ipswich High says, “I usually pay for my dates ticket; a corsage costs $15 and I rent a tux for $100, so I typical spend a little over $200.” That about wraps up the expenses for boys. Now, lets move on to what we’ve all been waiting for.
Some of the ladies at Ipswich High only spend money on the essentials, while others go the extra mile. The essentials include a dress, alterations for the dress, shoes, hair and jewelry. Based on a poll taken by the upperclassmen ladies, the average price girls were willing to spend on a dress was $200- $300. That’s reasonable, but I was surprised when taking a poll that 16% of voters had no budget at all. So, girls already spend far more than boys just on the dress, and we’ve just gotten started. Alterations are usually around $50 depending on the layers and length of the dress. If you would like jewelry to match your dress that’s going to be around $20-$25.
Girls also need heels that work with the height of their date; a new pair of nice heels will be roughly $50. The last of the essentials girls need is hair and makeup; some will do their own and save the extra bucks. But, many girls want to get their hair and makeup done for the experience, senior Joanna Perry says. “This is my last hurrah, when will I ever get to go to senior prom again? Hair and makeup need to be perfect!”. Keep in mind, the experience will cost you about $80.
I think what most people want know is who is covering all these expenses. Mrs. Manos, our math teacher here at Ipswich High, has two daughters who have graduated; both went to several proms. She explains how they deal with paying for everything, “My husband and I take care of the dress, hair, jewelry and shoes. All of the essentials, I think that’s fair. If they want to go tanning or get their nails and makeup done, that’s on them.” That sounds about reasonable, but what about a budget for the dress? She later explains, “I am typically more laid back for senior prom because it’s known for being the most important, and it’s last prom they will ever go to; it’s a big deal for these girls!” For the girls who want some color for the big day, five times in the tanning booth is $35. Mani Pedi’s are going to come out to about $50 if you’re willing to take the plunge.

Last but not least, it’s tradition to get your date a boutonniere. You can get yours for $15 at Gordon’s on Essex road right in Ipswich. Wrapping up any if not every expense you all will need for prom this year. Obviously, there are several ways you can avoid spending all of this money for prom. Many people enjoy the whole experience of getting ready for this day, so if you’re willing to spend the money, enjoy the journey and have fun! There are websites such as where girls can rent their dresses for cheaper, compared to buying. You can also simply borrow a dress, do your own hair, makeup and nails (If your Wonder Woman). Prom can be as affordable as you make it to be and everyone has the opportunity to look amazing and have a perfect night. So, get excited because prom is just around the corner. Good luck to all who are attending, happy prom season!