The Truth Behind the Class President

Miranda Arvilla-Rice, Editor

One thing that gets very under-estimated is the responsibilities and the job of student class officers. They have more responsibilities than most of the students think that they do. Being a student class officers is more than just having the title of being a class officer. Some responsibilities of the class officers are spirit week, the fashion show, senior week, prom and other school dances, getting class dues from everyone, fundraisers, and collecting and considering ideas from students. It is a lot for such a small group of people to handle.

Some of the responsibilities that they have to handle with prom, is knowing how much money that they need to raise, making sure everyone has paid their class dues, making sure everyone knows the date and times, and making sure that everyone knows when to buy tickets and when to get their forms in if other students are coming from other schools. Other big events that require a lot of responsibilities are spirit week and and senior week. During Spirit week it is always important to make sure that the students know the schedule of the events and the proper clothes to wear. Senior week is extremely important and a lot of hard work goes into it.

Carly Coughlin, the senior class President, told me that one piece of advice that she would give about senior week is, ¨to plan ahead the summer before your senior year; it helps a lot.¨ Carly told me that that it is hard to try to divide her time up evenly to make sure that she gets the chance to organize everything that she needs to.  She said that as stressful as it is, it is also extremely rewarding to be able to call herself Class President. ¨Coming into this, I didn’t know what to expect, but I am so happy I get to call myself the Class President.¨ She enjoys being able to help out and to organize everything. She told me that it is difficult to manage everything and to help people understand and know every announcement, but it is also something that she really enjoys doing. It is extremely important to her to be a class officer, and she is so proud of the accomplishments that she has done as a class officer. Being class president and having a bigger part in the school has made her have so much more school spirit and respect for this school and the people that are in this community.

Carly told me that she would recommend it to students that are up for the challenge but if you are not up for the challenge and to handle the responsibilities as class officer you should not run for it. She also went on to tell me again that one major piece of advice that she gives is to always plan ahead.  She tried to make it clear to me that planning ahead is always going to be the most important thing about upholding the responsibilities of being a part of the class officers.