Life Behind the Pen


Jeremy Martineau

Ipswich High School has had many new teachers added to the facility over the years and has also seen some great teachers retire. The school is filled with many teachers from young to old, many with different backgrounds from different places. Teachers at Ipswich High School are very intelligent, many teaching things in ways to help you understand and get students involved. One teacher that has made a difference and helps students everyday is Ms. Marotta.

Ms. Marotta is a teacher at Ipswich High School, who’s in the foreign language department, teaching what she loves: Spanish. Ms. Marotta grew up in Reading, Massachusetts, where she stayed  for her whole high school career: Reading High School. Right after high school, Ms. Marotta went to college. She went to a few different colleges, first starting at Stone Hill College, before transferring to Boston College, where she only stayed for a year. After BC, she transferred to Northeastern, to finish off college. After over six years of college, Ms. Marotta was ready to move onto being a teacher somewhere. That’s when she found the job at Ipswich high school, doing what she loves best, teaching Spanish.

Ms. Marotta is a very beloved teacher at Ipswich high school. Many students enjoy having her as their Spanish teacher. From the freshman to the seniors, Ms. Marotta has gained lots of respect from her students. When asking one of her students, Peter Pappas, what he thought of Ms. Marotta, he was quick to respond with, “ She is one of my favorite teachers, especially because of the way she does the grading system, making it very fair to all the students.” Another student at the school that was interviewed, Liam Sullivan, had lots of good stuff to say about Ms. Marotta. Asking Liam his thoughts on Ms. Marotta, he responded with, “Personally, we have always got along. This is my third year with her as my Spanish teacher, and we always find ways to have fun.” Having been and still currently as her student, I could agree with this.

Ms. Marotta’s classes are always filled with learning and fun games to get all the students in class involved. Along with all the paperwork giving out in class, there are many games to help the students learn better. Ms. Marotta likes to play hands on games to get you involved in the activity. There are many games played, such as kahoot, an online game, board games, decorating the class in a Christmas spirit with Spanish verbs and conjugations, and many more exciting fun games. When asking Ms. Marotta why she wanted to become a teacher, she replied, “ I just love Spanish. But also I love working with kids.” Ms. Marotta likes to do many things on her free time, such as traveling, reading, grading papers, spending time with her family, and going to dance performances. Asking Ms. Marotta what has helped her or inspire her to be a teacher, she responded, “In high school, I had great Spanish teachers, which later helped becoming a Spanish teacher, and also my mother was a teacher for over 35 years.” All that experience has now led to the teacher she is today.