The Teachers at Ipswich High School

Ipswich High school is considered one of the best schools in Massachusetts. With a student to teacher ratio of 13:1, Ipswich has good class sizes which in return helps students to learn. Ipswich has a 97% graduation rate, and a 33.8% college readiness rating according to the US News and World Report. Ipswich is ranked #40 in best schools in Boston according to Boston Magazine in 2016. With scoring of 99% of 10th graders scoring proficient or better on MCAS, 90% on math, and 82 on science. Ipswich High School succeeds in every academic category.

Teachers at IHS are the reason why the school is so successful. The teachers are so passionate about their jobs, and want the students to do well. Mrs. Mcshane’s favorite part about teaching is the “Students, but I also really enjoy the faculty.  The students for the most part are genuine and earnest. Also the faculty are all really nice. I fortunate to work with such a talented English Department.” Mrs. Lafrance has a similar view as she,  “loves to see students find their sense of self.  It is an amazing thing to watch”.  

But what these teachers do outside of school is what makes them who they really are. How well do you know the teachers at Ipswich? Can you guess who is whom? Now is your opportunity to see if you can figure out each teacher.

Teacher one is part of the English Department and went to Stoneham High School, where she played field hockey and was captain of her team and softball. When asked about her high school experience, she said, “I really liked high school; I had a great time. It’s a special time in life.  I still talk to many of my high school friends.” After high school she went to the University of New Hampshire, where her English professor suggested that she majored in English.  Soon after, she transferred to Salem State University. At first, the teacher “was a little nervous”, but she loved it there.  I had the opportunity to study abroad in Oxford, England and soon went to Italy, France, and Spain, which was the best thing I did in college, and I recommend that everyone studies abroad.  It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to live on your own and see how big the world really is.” In her spare time,this teacher likes to read and enjoys spending time with her family. She has two kids Jackson, who is in kindergarten, and Peyton, who is currently in Tiger Tots. She likes watching the food network, because she likes to cook. Her favorite part about teaching is “Interacting with students, reading books, and having discussions; grading essays is my least favorite part” said teacher one. The advice she gave for students is “ teachers are here to help; attitudes makes a difference, be respectful.  If you come in with a positive mindset, high school will be a positive experience.”  

Teacher number two went to Danvers High School, and spent most of his time in shop classes, such as metal shop, woodworking and auto shop. He went to Umass Lowell, and went to Fitchburg State for a graduate degree. Teacher number two enjoys “working on old stuff: boats, trucks, cars, etc, and also likes outdoor stuff such as hiking, biking and road trips.” His favorite part about teaching is getting summers off so he can spend time with his family. In his free time he likes to “go to field hockey, soccer, basketball, lacrosse and track” to watch both of his daughters play sports. “My favorite part about IHS is that the administration encourages us to try new stuff, and we have the necessary funds. The kids are fun to work with and they do what you ask them,” said teacher two.

Teacher number three is part of the Science Department. She went to Saugus High School and was a figure skater. She would then graduate from Boston College with a degree in biology and got a Graduate degree in education from Salem State. Her long term goals as a teacher are to “get students involved in environmental issues and help them realize they have the power to change the things that need to be changed”. Her hobbies include reading, baking and kayaking. In her free time she likes to spend time with family, cooking, and going for walks in nature.

The teachers at Ipswich High School love their jobs and their students. They come to school everyday happy and ready to teach. They all have interesting backgrounds that make them who they are.

Have you figured out who is whom? Teacher one is Mrs.Mcshane who teaches English. Teacher two is Mr. Gallant who teaches Engineering and Technology classes, where his students are always building interesting projects. Teacher three is Mrs. Lafrance who teaches many fun science classes. Without all the teachers and their passions, Ipswich High School would not be what it is today.