Third Times the Charm

The boys lacrosse team at Ipswich High School has risen to the top in a short amount of time. There was a time where Ipswich was struggling to make it to the playoffs or even have a winning season. After introducing Coach Ginolfi to the team, they have been on a roll, accounting for less than 6 losses in two seasons. Where did this come from?

Coach Ginolfi has been coaching the team from youth league, all the way up to their senior year. He has been working very closely with the players and has kept them a tight knit on and off the field. Coach Ginolfi is familiar with each player’s playing style, moves, strengths and weaknesses. Not only does he know everyone on the team, but he has high expectations for them. He sets tests up in the preseason to get everyone ready. Most players on the team participate in off-season lacrosse. Many from the team participate in an indoor league in the winter every Sunday to keep the stick in their hand, and improve as a team.

Although their recent success, the boys have a long path before the playoffs. Coach Foster says, “If everyone thinks we already have a spot in the playoffs, they’re wrong. We need work just as hard in the regular season so we can take care of business in the postseason”. Many of the boys brought up the state championship which is a great goal, but they also need to focus on the regular season before they get to the playoffs.

As a team this year, Ipswich has a high expectation for this season. As previously mentioned, they’ve lost fewer than 6 games in the past year which holds them to 3 losses a season. Also, the team has won the Division III North Final back to back. This is because they are expected to win another title, and become the only team in Ipswich history to win three years in a row. But the team is looking past the Division title. Everyone is looking for the State Final appearance. Nothing hurt the team more than their loss to Dover-Sherborn in the semi-finals last year. With the team’s strength, willpower, and determination, a state championship appearance could be very reasonable.

When the boys lacrosse season comes to a halt, the captains- Gillis, Starr, Morrissey- are leaving for college, and the next season is up to the junior boys. The reputation of the boys team is left up to the junior boys. The team’s depth is the best it has ever been at. With recent starters from the sophomore  to the senior class.

Many players including Tyler Starr and Kilian Morrissey plan on pursuing post high school careers for lacrosse. Tyler plans to play in the collegiate level while Kilian plans to take a gap year at Deerfield to work on his skills for a hopeful career in college.

Overall the boys have large expectations for this season. With a state semi-final appearance the previous year, and back to back division champs, the boys hope to reach their potential and come out with another division title and a state championship run, if the boys can get things done.