Trump vs North Korea


Over the past couple of weeks, there have been high tensions between North Korea and the United States. As a result, the two countries have been taking caution to each other. For the United States, President Trump sent over a fleet of U.S Navy ships to sit off the coast of the Korean peninsula. On the Korean holiday “Day of the Sun”, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un watched his ballistic missiles blow up as soon as they took off.

To understand the tension between the two countries, you have to look all the way back  to the Korean War. The Korean War was fought through the years of 1950-1953 where the U.S helped South Korea fight off the northerners. Throughout the war, the Americans dropped many  bombs on North Korea , which didn’t  make us look all that good.

North Korea recently claimed to have a successful test of a mid-to-long range missile. Kim Jong Un threatened that the United States are within “sighting range for strike.” The US and South Korean military, however, assured that North Korea have not become that technically advanced as of yet. They said that they “believe the possibility of that is low.”