Senior Soccer Star

Boys Soccer player David Dick

Boys Soccer player David Dick

So far this year, Ipswich High School Athletics has sent two teams to the state tournament. The Golf team and the Field Hockey team both qualified. Another team that is hoping to qualify is the boys’ Soccer team. There are a few standout players for the soccer team and one of those players is senior, David Dick.

Sadly, this is David’s final year on the Varsity Soccer team. To many people, David is a very important aspect to this team. One of his fellow teammates, Sean Whooley, also agrees that David is a huge part of the team. I asked Sean if David stood out as an “Un-sung hero” and he replied by saying, “Yes, David is by far one of the best players on the team and has a heart of a lion out there”. Sean also went on to say that David is “One of many key aspects” to the team making the state tournament. Sean, being a fellow senior, also said that David “Is one of the hardest working players on the team and has the will to do anything out on the field.”

I myself have been to many of the soccer games this year and have been very impressed with what I have seen. The team this year is 7-8-0 which may not seem like a great record but the team is very close to qualifying for the state tournament and Sean said that the team has a “Very good chance to qualify for the tournament but everyone will need to perform to their ability”.  He also went on to say that “Matt Jaeger and David need to play exceptionally well out there”. As the season is nearing its end, the soccer team, despite the losing record as of right now, is still having a blast together. I asked Sean what he thinks about the relationship of everyone on the team, and he said that the relationship everyone shares with each other is “very strong” and that they are “One big happy family on and off the field; we are always there for each other and everyone has everyone’s back”.

I also interviewed my brother’s friend, Alex Russell. He has been to numerous soccer games over the past 4 years and has noticed David on the field. When I asked him about the performance from David’s early High School years up until now, he said that David “has improved in every single way possible out on that field”. He went on to add that “David leaves everything out on the field and gives 100% every time he steps on the field whether it’s at home or on the road”. I also asked Alex if he thinks the team is good enough to make the tournament and he quickly responded by saying that the team “is more than good enough to make the tournament and will need Goalie Angus Mouser and forwards Matt and David to step up immensely”. Again, David’s name was mentioned. Lastly, I asked Alex if David seemed like an unsung hero to the soccer team and he said that David “may not be the best on the team but is a very valuable player and will be needed in the tournament if they make it”.

As you can see, David is a very big part of the soccer team and will be needed to make the state tournament. David has stood out to many people as an un-sung hero and hopefully the Varsity Soccer team can make the state tournament and go a long way.