Truey: The Movement


Justin and Ben

Harrison Bouve, better known as Truey, Bouve or simply Harry, was once viewed as simply a pleasure to have as a student in class. He has now turned into a star rapper. Harrison was once an Ipswich High student who did well receiving high grades. Now he is doing even better with the stage name of Bouve. His top song “Out Her Heels,” currently has 166k on Soundcloud.

How did he become this famous though? That is the question we intended to answer. Being a big rapper and all, it was hard to come into contact with him but once we did it was a great experience. We began with the question, how long have you been making music. His response was, “I’ve been making music for as long as I can remember,  but I started taking it seriously as a career about three years ago.” We were surprised by this answer because he has already made such big steps in three short years. What we asked next was who was his biggest influence. He responded with, “My biggest influence is my dad. He used to play in the band Letters to Cleo and he still plays guitar to his day. He’s always pushing me to be better and pursue my dreams.” Our next question was if he could choose any artist to make a song with, who would it be. He thought long and hard, saying “That’s a hard question, just because there are so many I would love to actually work with in the studio. As of right now, I would love to work with DWN2EARTH.” In addition to this, we asked who his favorite artist of all time was. He seemed to not like this question, responding with, “That’s always been a weird question for me. I don’t really have a favorite artist of all time. There’s just so many good artists.” Next, we began to ask questions about his career as a whole. We asked what his favorite song he has ever made was. He said, “My favorite song I have ever made is ‘Numbers’, just because the lyrics hit so close to home for me.”’

A student who we knew was close with him is Parker Bates, another Soundcloud rapper. We wanted to reach out to Parker and see if he could answer some questions that we had about Harrison. We first started with the question of how long have you known Harry and he responded with, “I’ve known him for around 8 years or something.” That’s a long time. They have been more than friends; they have been collaborators. Seeing how they have a long friendship we wanted to know how he considered Harry being either a friend or family. Parker stated, “He is my family.” Knowing about how he views Harry, we started to ask more about the rap game. We knew how Parker is also a rapper known as Half Grown. When asked about his favorite song made with Harry, Parker responded with, “Uber, for sure,” which is the most popular out of Parker’s songs. Harry’s career alone has skyrocketed with songs varying from 1k listens to 166k viewers. He is featured in many other songs and produces a lot of songs as well.

Harry and Parker are both great examples of this generation and how there are so many talented people that just need to get out there. There are plenty of others who are like this. Everyone has some hidden talent, like theirs, but they are the ones who are brave enough to go out and show everyone something they believe in. Making music to them is a lifestyle that might not be easy but is something that they are both extremely passionate in and will continue to pursue until they can’t. Both of them are great artists and should be checked out on Soundcloud at Bouve and Half-Grown.