College Stress

Natasia Surpitski

Going to college can be an intimidating process with new people, new teachers, and new classes. College can be very stressful, but there are many ways to reduce it.  Health resources within the college you attend can help you maintain a healthy mindset and work towards your future. 

There are many ways to reduce stress and improve your overall health. First, get enough sleep. Although it may be tempting to stay up late with your friends or go to parties, getting enough sleep will help you stay healthy and focused. According to, “Insufficient sleep can put you at risk for diabetes and depression. Adults need at least seven to nine hours of sleep for best health, teenagers need nine and a half hours of sleep.” Eat well: Typically college students will eat a diet that works with their budget, but when you consistently eat unhealthy junk food, it can decrease your energy levels leading to a lower threshold for stress. suggests that you “Follow a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.” Exercise: There are many different ways of exercising like swimming, running, yoga, working out at the gym, getting a massage, dancing, and so many more: “Twenty minutes a day of physical activity can reduce stress levels. 

There are many different health resources available to anyone when attending college. No matter what a student is struggling with, people are there to help. Organizations that can offer resources include the National Eating Disorders Association, American Foundation of Suicide Prevention, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services, Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, Attention Deficit Disorder Association, Obsessive Compulsive Foundation and many more. Colleges are there to help you succeed and help you accomplish your dreams for your future. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help. Many colleges also offer housing to help students find apartments in the area if you are struggling to live on campus.

Some of the main causes of stress in college include “maintaining academic success, dealing with homesickness, building new friendships, balancing their social life and dealing with roommate drama,” according to These things happen to all of us, and using your resources can help you get through all of these challenges and maintain a healthy mindset. Find a counselor or a friend you can trust and talk about things you are struggling with because all of us need help with things. Becoming independent and adulting can be challenging, but you are not alone and there are many people to help. Walk into college with an open mind and follow your dreams.