A Place for Everyone at IHS


Rex Geller

Are you involved? Would you like to be? Here is a quick way to learn about some of the amazing clubs at Ipswich High School! 


One of the best ways to meet people and make friends around school is to join a club that you are interested in. 


Pure Pals

The Pure Pals club is advised by Ms. Bediz. They meet every other Wednesday frome 11:15 – 11:45 over zoom. The club typically meets in the downstairs B-pod or outside if the weather is nice. 


According to Ms. Bediz, “Pure Pals is a way to help students in the high school connect and stay connected with students in the SAIL program that they may not see much of during the day in their classes.” She says the only requirement is that “students make the commitment to attend meetings on a regular basis.”


If you are interested in joining the club, you can contact Mrs. Bediz ([email protected]), Mr. P ([email protected]), or Miss Cardoza ([email protected]) for the Google Classroom code. Ms Bediz also adds, “You are always welcome to come to visit a meeting before committing as well.”


Interact Club 

The Interact Club is advised by Ms. Barclay. The club typically meets over zoom before school on wednesday, after school on wednesday, or in person with the individual cohorts. 


According to Ms. Barclay, “Membership is open to all students who have a strong willingness to make a difference in their community.” 

In addition, President Audrey Berger says, “My favorite part about being in this club is being able to help the school, the local community, and sometimes the international community.”


Ms. Barclay welcomes all to come and check out the club, “I would say to come and see for yourself!” If you are interested, you can contact Ms. Barclay at [email protected] or club President Audrey  Berger at [email protected].


Global Languages Club

Ms. Killian, a global language teacher, is the advisor to the World Languages Club. They typically meet every other week on Friday mornings in room B206 around 7:30. 


There are no requirements to be a member, just a willingness to help out at our various activities and be committed to our mission of promoting universally important linguistic, cultural, and social messages in our world,” says Ms. Killian. 


The club members are active participants in helping with exchange students. “We have held “Meet and Greet” morning gatherings for the French students during their annual visit and also one for foreign exchange/second language students here at IHS.”


They are also active in charity. This year they have been raising money for Elmer, a needy child in Guatemala.


Current Global Languages Club member Sophia Stasiuk says, “Most of our time is spent by coming up with ways to reach our sponsorship goal. We donate around $400 every year, and we always find new ways to earn it.”


Señora Killian goes on to say that “Anyone who is globally minded and has a desire to improve the well-being of others should consider taking an active role in this club!” If you are interested, you should contact Ms. Killian at at [email protected].


Model UN

Model UN is advised by Mr. Krieger and Ms. Hayoz. The club typically meets before school every other week. There are currently no plans to attend a conference, though the club typically attends Eagle MUNC sessions hosted by Boston College. 


The purpose of the club is to represent a country or an individual at a mock United Nations trial or conference. 


There are no requirements to join Model UN; however, there are typically limited spots at the conference. 


Mr. Krieger says that Model UN is special because “It enables students to use a wealth of skills while exploring real world issues.” 


He also adds, “Obviously, the ability to spend a weekend exploring issues with other students from around the country (and world) is another feature that makes the Model UN Club special.”


As a member of Model UN, I would add that the club is very fun. You spend your time researching a real person or country, which you go on to represent at the conference. More importantly, Model UN has helped me to make lifelong friends and memorable experiences. 


Club member Maddi McLauglin adds that “Being a member of Model UN has changed my high school experience remarkably.”


Mr. Krieger urges anyone that is interested to come and check it out. He says, “Get involved.  Jump-in with both feet and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll discover about the world around you.  If you’re an underclassmen, think about joining this year and next year.  It’s an exciting club with great members and you’re bound to have a good time!”  


If you are interested, feel free to contact Mr. Krieger at [email protected] or Ms. Hayoz at [email protected].



GSA is a safe space for LGBTQ+ at Ipswich High School. The club is advised by Ms. Slawson and meets Mondays from 2:30 – 3pm in room B102 or zoom. 


Ms. Slawson says, “It’s pretty flexible, but just attending the meetings each week for a half hour is all that’s expected.”


She also notes that “Whether you identify as part of the LGBTQ community, are questioning your identity, or are an ally for your LGBTQ friends and family, the GSA is a place where you can find like minded friends and be completely yourself.”


Ms. Slawson adds, “This club is made up of a great group of people and we’d love to have you join us.” If you are interested in joining, contact Ms. Slawson at [email protected].


Environmental Club 

The environmental club is advised by Mrs. Lafrance. The group meets once a month, though subcommittees meet more often. Typically they meet in room B229, but recently they have met over zoom. 


According to Mrs. Lafrance, “Members are expected to join a subcommittee and take part in an event or two.” She also adds that, “Attending meetings is important because that is where you find out what everyone else is working on.” 


The Environmental Club works to make a difference locally. Some of these projects include, “monitoring the health of the marsh, changing the cafe trash, recycling, and composting to a user-friendly system, beach clean-ups, hydroponics, and running climate cafes which are opportunities for community discussions.”


As a message to all, Mrs. Lafrance says, “Everyone is welcome! Join our Google Classroom page  (code d7oduh7) and check out the subcommittees. We would love to have you join an existing committee or start a new one!” Feel free to contact Mrs. Lafrance at [email protected].


Math League

The Math League is advised by Mr. Mabbott. They currently meet once a week in room A207, alternating between Tuesdays and Thursdays, to accommodate both cohorts. They also set up a zoom during the meetings. 


Mr. Mabbot says, “The only requirement is an interest in Math.” They hold multiple competitions throughout the year. “The commitment would be being able to come to most practices and being available for the competitions.”


He says the reason the club is special is that “Snacks are provided and students who are interested in Math get to meet other like minded students.” He adds that “If a student is interested, come by the next practice and chat to me.” Or if that doesn’t work, you can always contact Mr. Mabbott at [email protected].


Dungeons & Dragons 

The club advisor for the Dungeons & Dragons club is Mr. Wood. During a normal year, the club meets weekly right after school on Thursdays in Mr. Wood’s room (B207). 


According to Mr. Wood, “The club is fairly low key. It’s open to both new players and experienced ones, so there is a good sense of camaraderie. The expectation is that people are actively engaged during gameplay and that they complete their storylines and characters in the agreed-upon timeframe.”


On what makes the club special, Mr. Wood states, “It’s essentially a group of people getting together to play a game they all love.” 

He also says, “There’s really no downside in coming to check out a session. You don’t need any prior experience to have a good time. Anyone who’s interested should also feel free to contact me directly ([email protected]) so I can put them in contact with the student leaders and chat about the club.”


As you can see, there are a wealth of clubs and activities around school. The best way to meet new people and find your niche is to get involved. So do it! You might find that you really like something new!