Covid Pups


Sarah Lombard

 In 2020, we saw a lot of people getting new pets during their time at home; adoption and pet sales have soared in the last year. However is the availability of  pups looking for homes “running low”?

 In an article called, “So many pets have been adopted during the pandemic that shelters are running out”, it states that, “As the coronavirus pandemic has kept more residents at home, it has created such a high demand for adopting dogs that the supply is increasingly limited.” This is happening all over the United States. I was able to interview Kerry Mastrangelo,  a veterinarian, and Liz Lombard, an Ipswich resident, who both got puppies during the pandemic. I asked Kerry if she was aware of the shortages at the shelters; she responded with, “Yes I am. We get calls daily for shelters looking for options for families to adopt pets.” People were even calling their vets for help to find the puppies. I asked Liz the same type of question; Liz answered with, “I did not know that shelters were so busy, but that makes sense. I am sure many animals were adopted which is great.” She also added, “It will be interesting to see what happens with families and their pets after Covid and when people can go back to their normal routines.” I think all of us wonder how the animals will act once life is back to normal without their owner always home. With that being said, there is concern for these animals.. Kerry said, “There could be in the sense that after Covid ends, people will be spending less time at home and may have realized they cannot take care of their animals as intended with financial struggle it may be hard to provide for the animals as they are an expensive addition to the family.”

Although owning a pet can be stressful at times, there are lots of positives that animals bring into our lives.   There have been  drastic changes to  our day to day lives. Most of us are  stuck in quarantine. Despite these trying times,  I have experienced a little bit of positivity myself. My family adopted a puppy right at the beginning of quarantine; it helped my mental health so much. Even though I was stuck at home I was always on my toes with the little guy. My free time from online school went all to him, with training and playing.

During quarantine my pup became a very big part of my life because I was always with him throughout the day. going to school two days a week is hard because I am used to having him being right by my side. When life gets back to normal, I am going to miss having the extra time to spend with him.  Mallow, my puppy, has been the best thing to come from Covid for me.  He has been a bright light during a dark time.  Although owning a pet can be tough, I highly recommend the work.  They are worth it!